Ella Mesma Company

Using the universal language of dance, Ella Mesma Company  champions an environment which is inclusive, collaborative and empowering, using diaspora dance theatre (a term they created to communicate this unique meeting of dance styles) to allow transformation in the studio and on stage.

We offer a range of classes and workshops, as well as wraparound activities with each production.

Our interest in dance for transformation and giving voices to the unheard extends to our engagement and community work. 

Who can study with us?

We cater for all ages from 4 to 100! We have taught in nurseries, schools, universities, congresses, youth groups, care homes and in both community and professional dancers and settings.



We offer technique classes in all the styles listed We also offer our signature class, which is a meditative flow to move to a place of heart.

Our signature class uses the floor and draws origins from contemporary dance, Yoga and Brazilian and Cuban dance practices, whilst also allowing room for flow and individual experimentation.

 Our teaching style focuses on shifting and articulating the whole body with a focus on breath.


Production workshops:

With each show we have also developed a workshop and education package which can be booked in schools and dance venues.

This movement workshop explores our identity on and off stage. Sometimes the performance we put on in life can be more restrictive than our stage performance: from how technology allows us to create our self-image, to the sides of our persona we choose to show or to leave out. In this workshop we talk and dance makeup, filters and masks, to explore the shadows that we hide from ourselves.

Created with support from The Dance Consultancy, this workshop is aimed at young people to accompany the current National Curriculum sex education syllabus. 

We offer a workshop called ‘Evolution’ as well as a workshop created using enneagram work and archetypes inspired by the Orishas to celebrate our story.


This workshop partners with poet Kayo Chingonye and combines the techniques to create a collaborative conversation between two different art forms. 

Where have we taught? 

Ella Mesma Company has taught dance globally since 2003. Ella has taught for the National Dance Teachers Association, ADAD, Sadler’s Wells, Yorkshire Dance, Dance X Change, Birmingham Hippodrome, Trinity Centre, Dance City, U4, The Place, Drumming 4 Business, Global Grooves, Salsa Congresses across the UK and internationally (Spain, Denmark, Serbia, Greece, Turkey, South Africa), York University, Newcastle University, Leeds University, University of East London, Rise Youth Dance Company, Dare to Dance, Big Dance, London School of Samba, Move It, Step into Dance, Burlington Danes Academy, Elizabeth Garrett Academy and many more schools across the UK.

Homage To: 

Every bit of my nine lives training as a dancer/yogi has informed these workshops (which I created on my dance company over a number of years) and so, I want to pay homage to all my teachers (Scroll down for our thanks and honourings of our teachers).