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Some types of jellyfish are responsible for bringing little bits of nutrients from the depths of the ocean floor all the way up to the surface of the water. They deposit bits of those nutrients as they push their way upward, contributing and creating food sources for all sorts of creatures in the ecosystem.

A Jellyfish Love Song is a NEW family show raising awareness about climate change using recycled set and instruments, song, dance, puppetry and projection.

In collaboration with Laurie Newman, author of Jessie the Jellyfish, this show combines dance and puppetry and the set is made entirely from recycled plastic.

A Jellyfish Love Song is a dancing ritual in a utopian underwater world where star-crossed jellyfish sing a love song and take us on a journey to JOY.

Age range: 3+

The choreographers & dancers acknowledge with gratitude that this dance piece is informed by Afro Cuban, Kuduru, House, Kizomba, Capoeira, breaking (breakdance) and Bachata. We acknowledge the painful history of colonialism and enslaved people that has led to the creation of these diasporic dances and commit to honoring and respecting them and their history, also acknowledging all the unrecognised cultural lineages and stories that are untold.

Production: Dancers: Isaac Ouro Gnao, David Evans, Benedicta Valentina, Ofelia Balogun and we honour and love Isaac Ouro Gnao, Patrick Ziza, Milton Lopez, Elsabet Yonas, Franck Arnaud Lusbec and Lucia Afonso who were invoilved in an R&D of the work (before it became a Children’s show). Choreography: Ella Mesma and Dancers Costume: Sabrina Henry Set Design: Holly Miller Lighting: Alan Dawson Music: Written by Sabio Janiak. Piano, vocal, didgeridoo, ocarina, drums, programming, percussion, clarinet, electronica by Sabio Janiak. Duele vocal by Ella Mesma. Povo vocal by Nuno Silva Dramaturgical Support: Luke Pell (through South East Dance Collaborate: Dramaturg in Residence 2018) and Dr Edson Burton Photography and Videography: Jessica Mitchell (Earth Motion Photography), Ashley Karrell (Panoptical) and Ersen Ermis Funding: Arts Council of England, Metal Liverpool (Change Maker artist in residency 2018), South East Dance (Collaborate: Dramaturg in Residence 2018), Eclipse Theatre (Playpot), Audience members via Crowd Funding. Support: Trinity Centre, Bristol. Pervasive Media Studio, Bristol. Serendipity, Leicester. Dance City, Newcastle. Dance Umbrella, London. Sadler’s Wells, London. Northern Stage, Newcastle. Kala Sangam, Bradford. Yorkshire Dance, Leeds. Mentoring: Fergus Evans (Big Feast), Degna Stone (Slate Enabler), Theatre Bristol, Rachel Bradbear, Annie Rigby (Unfolding Theatre via Slate) Participation: Contemporary Dance Workshop, Kuduru Dance, Sessions, Folkloric Dance (Orishas) Lessons, Musical instrument making recycling plastic.
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