Ela Mesma Company

A Dance & Circus Theatre Company

Immersive Show

Coming Soon….

Utopia and Utwopia are a set of four online worlds which we are creating in collaboration with Bryan Aldea and Topia platform. 

Each world connects to two of our company shows and are themed with the elements (Earth, Air, Fire & Water).

These worlds will combine live & recorded performance, interviews with our amazing artists, archiving of the company’s work and opportunities for you to connect and deep dive into the themes of the work in a fun interactive world.


This is an experience inspired by play and creativity. Above are a few images from tests we did during lockdown.

Here is how we suggest you enjoy your experience!

Bring yourself or your whole family to enjoy the adventure.

Bring a drink and a snack, and if you would like to, dress up in line with the themes of the show

In this online adventure you will meet live artists, find hidden answers, discover opportunities to connect and move, and experience an online show.

You will be met by your hosts in a utopian world for a fully remote experience that you can access from the comfort of your own home.

Join in as much or as little as you like and navigate your avatar around the space.

There will be ambient sound which is personal to you – headphones ensure a great experience, without headphones higher volume can result in feedback .

When you first go in, you’ll be asked to grant permission for your browser to use your camera and audio 

If you have zoom/teams/skype open you won’t be able to do this, so please just make sure they’re closed first

You can get in on a phone or android tablet (iPads are not currently supported) but you will miss out on some of the key functionality, desktop/laptop is much better and strongly recommended

A few more tips which may help…



We very strongly recommend using headphones – a better experience for you and others


Camera issue?

If you have other browser tabs or apps open, closing them will improve performance


Moving around

Move around using your cursor keys, or follow your footprints – it’s good to explore!