Ella Mesma Company

The Rainbow Butterfly

“It was so joyful for my children to see themselves reflected in the performers and the show is so much fun: a beautiful bonding and reaffirming experience for multiple heritage children” Corinne Bailey Rae

An interactive family adventure all the way to the moon!

An immersive experience that blends traditional storytelling with aerial circus, graceful contortion and dynamic contemporary & Hip Hop dance – perfect for ages 3+

Maja has wings that sparkle and shimmer!

Their JOY on this transformational journey is tangible as they explore the world and outer space as a Rainbow Butterfly! Inspired by the lifecycle of the butterfly, this children’s story is an invitation to honour our imagination, ourselves and Mother Earth, gently opening up an invitation to explore what it is to be non binary whilst celebrating heroes such as Mae Jemison, the first Black woman astronaut as well as inviting audience members to take part in the show, make sounds and have fun!

Performed by artists from the global majority, this show celebrates how unique we all are using creativity, carnival, aerial circus, beatbox, & Hip Hop dance to help Maja fly all the way to the moon: because the Earth without Art is just Eh!

Because the Earth without Art is just Eh!

This piece can be performed in rural settings, in theatres, in library settings, in schools and at outdoor events and festivals. This show can be enjoyed by 3-6 year olds and above

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Created by Ella Mesma and performers Jay X, Georgina X, Joana Dias with music by Marv Radio, Silks and Costumes by Zephyr Liddell, Lights by David Bernard and filmed and photographed by Daniel Martin

We are grateful to Vicki Dela Amedume for her support with the making of this work, and to dramaturgy Eva Martinez.


And to movement consultants Claire Harvey (aerial silks), Emma Houston (breaking) and Bel/Wol (Beatbox).

The choreographers & dancers acknowledge with gratitude that this dance piece is informed by Breaking (breakdance), Beatbox, Samba, Soca and Aerial dance. We acknowledge the painful history of colonialism and enslaved people that has led to the creation of these diasporic dances and commit to honoring and respecting them and their history, also acknowledging all the unrecognised cultural lineages and stories that are untold.

Our partners and supporters:

Supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England

Thank you to the HANDS project – funded by ACE, co-ordinated and supported by the Northern Rural Touring Consortium

Commissioned by Artists 4 Artists, Yorkshire Dance, South East Dance, Dance East, The Place, Rural Arts

Supported by Kala Sangam, Dance City, Pavillion Dance South West


Butterfly Painting Sessions, Breaking/Carnival Dance Lesson, Beatbox Session, Maypole workshop, Book readings as well as creating and rehearsing on a community cast (aged 6-11) to be involved in the final show

Online Resources also support enhanced understanding of the production and we have an online platform (Utwopia) where we can host events