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Indra’s Web is a metaphorical representation found in Buddhist and Hindu texts, symbolizing the interconnected nature of all things. According to these texts, Indra’s Web is an infinite cosmic web that extends in all directions. This could also represent people having the same thoughts or ideas across the world at the same time: we are all connected…

Indra’s Web will be a new touring dance show using aerial silks, dance & text to explore ancestry and connectivity.

On March 7th 2022, I was reunited with my missing family: My Mother’s father, her brothers and sister and 100 cousins who it turns out had been living in the same area of the same city (Chapeltown in Leeds in Yorkshire) as me. 

We discovered we have Nigerian heritage and were presented with a family tree that traces across Nigeria, Brazil and the UK. 

In this Research & Development project, I aim to create a dance work weaving ancestral stories into a show which combines storytelling, acting, aerial dance and knitting.

Ideas will develop through residencies and writing, working with a writer towards creating a piece for touring a 60-minute work in 2025.

The ideas will be woven into knitted aerial silks for the show.

R&D Objectives: A residency to test, develop & write the script for a cast of 1 performer and an older actor.
Writing retreat & research in Portugal (including the African Lisbon tour to understand links with the slave trade, my family tree and Brazil) and creating the script for the show.

Research into knitting stories of Black elders in the UK and abroad.
Workshops with knitters inviting knitters to knit a square for the show, reflecting their cultural heritage & building ideas for the knitting that will be used in the storytelling on tour.
We are building an online world to document the process.