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It is a pleasure to meet you here! My name is Ella, and I created Ella Mesma Company to make work by the superheroes I wanted to see on stage.

I love to work with the dances of the Orishas, contemporary and Hip Hop styles to create theatre collaboratively with my company. I am super inspired by dance as a healing ritual, a gateway for transformation and positive change (can art be activism? Can we use it, like a hammer, to shape the world I/we want to see?). I have a holistic approach to creativity, creating from a space of connectivity to self, safety and purpose.

As I didn’t dance until late, it is important to me to reach those who don’t necessarily have a background in theatre, and as a womxn of mixed heritage, I strive for my cast and the stories we tell to be super-hero(ine) voices under represented onstage.

I also love to connect with my audience through discussions and play (whilst ensuring the audience never feel pressured to join in!)

Thank you to Pavillion Dance South West, where Ella is Artist in Residence, to Geraldine Connor Foundation where Ella is an Associate Artist and to Arts Council England for continued support through public funding. 

The journey began in 2011 with a premiere at Breakin’ Convention (Sadler’s Wells): a solo called Evol. Since then, Ella Mesma Company have been commissioned by a number of leading arts organisations. The company formed as Ella Mesma Company in 2014 with a piece called Orixás, and have presented work in a number of highly regarded venues & festivals including Sadler’s Wells (Wildcard 2017), Women’s International Leadership Conference, New York City (2017), National Circus Centre (2018), ICA Festival, Capetown South Africa (2018) and IETM Hull (2019). Ella Mesma Company were residents with Casa Latin American Festival 2015, Associate Artists at dance City (2017), Associate Artist at Trinity Centre Bristol (2018), a Slate World Artist (2019) and a Pervasive Media Studio Resident (2020) and Company in Residence for 2020-21 at Pavillion Dance South West. In 2013, Ella Mesma was selected as a future Dance Leader for the ABLE leadership program and in 2015 awarded a Bench fellowship for emerging female choreographers. The company were runners up for the ‘Best Dance Production of The Year’ by the Latino Life LUKAS Awards 2018.

We would love to hear from you, be it for workshops, performances or coaching experiences or if you just want to connect and collaborate!