Ella Mesma Company

Welcome to Our House: Photographer: Foteini Christofolopolou

Choreographed on dancers from The Place by Ella Mesma and Akeim Toussaint Buck, this piece premiered in 2023 for one week and was performed by BA3 Graduates.
Music: Akeim Toussaint Buck
Performers: Silas, Saoirse Noone, Ethan Bosworth, Ethan Sammons Ericson, Elly Trent, Pookie Watson, Elliot Eve, Izzy Roche, Isaac Madden, Jiwon Oh, Emma Poyer, Clara Selberg, Bex Howard, Klemm Delaune-Graber, Olia Poliakova

Costume design & making: Annette Raudmets

Costume assistants: Nicole Bowden, Sharon Coleman, Eve Harsant, Anna Crilly
Lighting: Ali Hunter
Thank you to everyone at The Place and special thanks to Jeannie Steele, Ali Hunter, Anthony Osborne and all the team! Plus to the amazing dancers!
COPY: Written by performer Isaac Madden
Swallows and amazons.
Ownership of the house.
Although there are many people who belong on the island, this is my home.
We stand together as individuals, each scene a chapter in a story.
Our stories.
Do you feel comfortable, accepted by the river bed? I do.
Many days I feel broken and isolated. However, I am always welcome at my house.
There is no elephant in the room although, we do share its ears. We hear everyone. You are most certainly heard by the souls, I hope you do not think you are not heard, because, you are.
Tunnel visions holding visceral textures though body identity. Who am I? Who are you? I am I, you are you.
Smiles cut by the focus of threading into a fellow entity’s universe, the winding heads look further than what we see. Past the body, directly at the heart.
Today I feel like a narrator, like you in the audience. Watching, hearing, feeling, enjoying, questioning, regretting, grieving, laughing, praying, planning, thinking.
In this present moment,
We welcome you to our house.