Ella Mesma Company

A commission created for Northern School of Contemporary Dance.

Inspired by the Chakana: a Mexican symbol which represents the spirit & human worlds, the animal kingdom (characterised by snake, jaguar and eagle), the four elements and the bridge between our shadows and our superconscious. It encourages the questions: how can we be ourselves to the full with all our facets, quirks and binaries? Are we the victim of, or the creators of our own destiny?

Music: Sabio Janiak 

Dancers: Charlotte Aspin, Iñes Azevedo, Jihan Belhoula, Jemima Colin, Marie François, Sasha Gunning, Kaia Haberfield, Elysee Kayonda, Gregor McIntosh, Maëlle Meris, Helen Lee, Abbey Moir, Emma Read, Mairead Rutter O’Connor, Katie Smith, Ella Vanson, Tien-Hua Yu

Rehearsal Director: Azzurra Ardovini 

Lighting: Flockfest and Dread

Photography: David Lindsay

Special thanks to Azzurra, the dancers, Fifi and Helen Wilson