Ella Mesma Company

Youth Project



 “The Masks We Wear” was a performance project which took place in Harehills, Leeds exploring personal reflections on identity and what it means to be a young womxn in an age of social media and contemporary societal challenges. We explored public and private identity with five young womxn to create a dance piece and costumes for the stage.

THEMES: Gender, Identity, Love, Power, Transformation, Masks, Shadows, The Toltec Secret, Mythology, Healing, Shamanism

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*womxn: we are using this alternative spelling to avoid suggestions of sexism perceived in the sequence of m-a-n and m-e-n, and to be inclusive of trans and non binary women. 

Our Partners and Supporters:

Concept and Direction: Ella Mesma

Dancers: Jemma Mae, Pareesha Valentina, Farida Oba, Cherry Mui, Isabelle Pritchard

Choreography: Ella Mesma and Dancers

Costume Concept: Renata Gordon (Costuminati)

Costume: Renata Gordon (Costuminati) and Dancers

Music: Mixed by Ella Mesma: Tui: FJK, Alma Mestiza: Rebeca Lane, Malamente: Rosalía

Photography: Ben Farman and

Funding and support: Vamos Festival, Leeds Inspired

Thank you: Leeds Inspired, Nikolas Barrera, Touchstone, Lubi Jovanovic, Harehills Lane Baptist Church, Shine Project Leeds, Reginald Centre (Leeds Library), RJC and all who came to support the sharing.