Ella Mesma Company

Little Amal: A Sleeping Child

As part of Walk With Amal at Manchester International Festival in solidarity with migrants as part of Little Amal’s walk across Europe. As we follow Little Amal’s remarkable journey from Gaziantep near the Turkey-Syria border to Manchester in the UK, she shines an urgent light on the stories of the millions of young refugees who are displaced, and the many who are forced to risk their lives for the chance at a better life.

Director: Cheryl Martin
Choreographer: Ella Mesma
Costume: Zephyr Liddell
Puppets: Alison Duddle and Amy Hegarty
Animation: Alexis Maxwell
Musicians: Dana Ismaili, Holly Marland Firoozeh Fozouni & Mina
Sound: Guillaume Dujat
Lullaby: Fidaa
Soundsystem: Tube Uk Limited
Dancers (Ella Mesma Company): Hsing Ya Wu, Jay X, Patrick Ziza, Lila Naruse, Benedicta Valentina, David Evans, Myriam Gadri, Bobak Champion