Ella Mesma Company

"When a Buffalo feels threatened, it prepares to charge. When a chrysalis feels threatened, it creates a storm. Shaking off its memories like worn cloth" Papyllon is an honouring of oral traditions and how we pass on our stories, and an homage to Oyá, the goddxx of the Odò-Oyá river.

Inspired by an exploration of the polarities and all the spaces in between on the human journey, the four stages of transformation in the lifecycle of the butterfly, and exploring the dancer and the choroegrapher's heritage and ancestry.

This piece uses text, sound and aerial and ground dance. and can be performemd indoor or outdoor.

LENGTH OF WORK: 25 minutes (No text) 35 Minutes (Text)
TOURING AVAILABILITY: December 2021 Choreography: Ella Mesma and dancers Text: Ella Mesma and dancers Dramaturg: Dela Vicki Amedume Aerial support & Choreo: Claire Harvey Costumes: Zephyr Liddell Lighting Design & AV: David Bernard Music: Sabio Janiak Photography: Vikki Marie Page, Jodie Canwell, Dan Martin & Lindsey Appolis


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Accompanying workshops:
  • Imposter Syndrome Course
  • Imposter Syndrome Talk
  • Post Show talk discussing the issues raised in the show
  • Folkloric Dance Workshop
  • Contemporary Dance Workshop