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Are you ready for this Jelly?

Join us on this journey under the sea and beyond your imagination in a fantasy adventure that combines performance with alternate reality.

The Getting Better Box & A Jellyfish Love Song | A virtual world performance | Commissioned by Rural Arts | Premier Date: 27th May | Time: 19:30

What if we were to follow the way of the Jellyfish?

Some types of jellyfish are responsible for bringing little bits of nutrients from the depths of the ocean floor all the way up to the surface of the water. They deposit bits of those nutrients as they push their way upward, contributing and creating food sources for all sorts of creatures in the ecosystem.

Are you ready for this Jelly?

Join us on this journey beyond your imagination for an experience that combines live performance with alternate reality. A Jellyfish Love Song is an underwater love story, celebrating the beauty of nature and the beautiful, calming way of the jellyfish. On this underwater experience, you will be invited to join us for a fantasy adventure under the sea.

To join, choose your jellyfish and come for an online adventure with live actors, hidden answers, opportunities to connect and move and an online show. You will be met by your hosts in a utopian world for a fully remote experience that you can access from the comfort of your own home. Combining live performance with alternate reality it is stimulating, entertaining and accessible.

This performance, is a Rural Arts’ Keepsake commission and was inspired as the third iteration of Ella Mesma’s Getting Better Box series.

How to attend?

To join, register your place here, then choose from 5 Jellyfish (you will rename your avatar as that Jellyfish when you come online), bring a drink and a snack, and come for an online adventure with live artists, hidden answers, opportunities to connect and move and an online show. You will be met by your hosts in a utopian world for a fully remote experience that you can access from the comfort of your own home. 

Combining live performance with alternate reality we hope you will find this show stimulating, fun and accessible. Join in as much or as little as you like (Or you can just adventure and explore), but one voice will be your tour guide, and call you back to let you know about scheduled moments within the show. There will also be a quiz (send your quiz question answers over to the chief inside the world on the day of the show (and watch out for the bonus question at the end of the evening), with three top prizes to be won! Winners will be announced inside the live show.

Tips for the best experience?

Firstly – this is brand new tech, it’s best on a Chrome browser (Edge works OK) and you need to be on a windows desktop/laptop or a Mac – Download Chrome Here if you don’t have it

There is ambient sound in in this platform, which is personal to you – headphones ensure a great experience, without headphones higher volume can result in feedback for other guests or mixed sounds which isn’t fun

When you first go in, you’ll be asked to grant permission for Chrome to use your camera and audio – there’s help below if you have any problems with this

If you still have zoom/teams/skype open you won’t be able to do this, so please just make sure they’re closed first

If you only have phone or tablet access today, this experience might not work for you

You will need:

  • a computer and a reliable connection to wifi
  • a camera & a microphone
  • a headset or headphones if possible
  • access to Google Chrome
  • If it’s a bit slow: If you have other Chrome tabs open, closing them will improve performance
  • Moving around: Move around using your cursor keys, or follow your footprints – it’s good to explore
  • Help: If you’re having any trouble getting in, scroll down for some help options
  • If your camera or someone else’s camera in the social space doesn’t seem to be connecting, refreshing your browser will nearly always fix it – you can hold down the [CTRL] key and click F5 for a bit of extra oomph
  • If you’re having trouble getting in, the most common issue is with camera access. If you look in the far right corner of your browser address window you’ll see a little camera icon. If it has a red cross next to it like this then you just need to click on it to allow access. You will need to refresh the page – hit CTRL + F5
About the work

The Getting Better Box & A Jellyfish Love Song virtual world performance

This performance, is a Rural Arts’ Keepsake commission and was inspired as the third iteration of Ella Mesma’s Getting Better Box series.

When Ella was ill as a child, her Mum would to bring out ‘The Getting Better Box’… essentially it was a cardboard box with some toys inside… it didn’t make her better, but as a child, it was a magical thing to open that box only when ill and behold the goodies inside… sometimes Ella even tried to fake sickness just for the box…

Now Ella has created a version of The Getting Better Box for those who have felt isolated and lonely throughout the last year, The Getting Better Box interweaves themes of wellbeing, play and unlearning.

Each box will contain clues to the performance experience;

A creative invitation made by Makers At The Mill (plus a drink on us!)

A quiz (to which you will find the answers within the show)

An invitation to the interactive show: an experience which will combine watching, talking and participating as much or as little as you would like in an online adventure,

A programme about the show you are invited to see (with links to find out more and get creative with how you might show up and participate). Within the show you will find clues to click on, invitations and questions to consider, moments to play and interact, and moments to relax and unwind in a beautiful location


A Jellyfish Love Song Cast:

Concept and Direction: Ella Mesma (The Upside Down Jellyfish)

Commissioned by: Rural Arts as part of Keepsake: cultural experiences you can treasure (to find out more, visit www.ruralarts.org/keepsake or call 01845 526 536). Keepsake is funded by Arts Council England

Octopus Opera Singer: Beth Rowley (Octopoda)

Beanie the Meanie (Dancer at the Pool Party): Franck Arnaud Lusbec (Pink Meanie Jellyfish)

Underwater Artwork: Jessica Rosas (Fried Egg Jellyfish)

Getting Better BoxesSami Lovett (Medusa)

Technology: vTogether artists (designed by Bryan Aldea) and Topia (Black Nettle Jellyfish)

Choreography: Ella Mesma and Dancers

Dancers in online film: Isaac Ouro Gnao (Lion’s Mane Jellyfish), David Evans (Box Jellyfish), Benedicta Valentina (Atolla Jellyfish), Ofelia Balogun (Flower Hat Jellyfish)

Voice Over: Ama Rouge (The Upside Down Jellyfish) and Ella Mesma

Costume: Sabrina Henry (Cauliflower Jellyfish)

Lighting in online film: Alan Dawson (White Spotted Jellyfish)

Music: Written by Sabio Janiak (Crystal Jellyfish) (Piano, vocal, didgeridoo, ocarina, drums, programming, percussion, clarinet, electronica by Sabio Janiak. Duele vocal by Ella Mesma. Povo vocal by Nuno Silva)

Editing: Munirat Plummer (Narco Medusae Jellyfish)

Original Video Footage: Created by Ashley Karrell Filmmaker Co-Produced by Panoptical Ltd
from Foreign Bodies: An Underwater Love Story

Script & Poetry: Ella Mesma

Funding: Rural Arts

Other Support: Arts Council of England

Thank you: Megan Hamber (Bloodybelly Comb Jellyfish)


Quiz Questions

  1. Which jellyfish has 70 foot long tentacles?

2. Which statue is now in a much better place at the bottom of our world?

3. Where does the Cassiopea reside?

4. Complete the placard found in our world the ______ without _____ is just ____

5. What kind of jellyfish did you dance with at our pool party?

6. What do the lotus and one species of jellyfish have in common?

7. What jellyfish can age backwards?

8. What was your favourite song sung by the Opera Octopus?

9. What are the names of the two goddxsses found in our underwater world?

10. What is the Lion’s Mane made up of?

11. Describe the shipwreck under the sea in our underwater world in up to 11 words?

Plus watch out for the Bonus Question!

Quiz Prizes Sponsored by:
First Prize: Lioness Wellness (Win a remote Sekhem Treatment)

Second Prize: Win a dance class 121 with Ella Mesma

Third Prize: Maya Gandaia (Win a remote Healy Session)