Ella Mesma Company seeks to champion an environment which is inclusive, collaborative and empowering. The company ethos of undoing limiting beliefs extends to our engagement and community work. With each company production, we offer wraparound activity, and is interested in dance for transformation and giving voices to the unheard. 

Technique classes: The company have a unique movement language: Yoga, along with a diverse range of techniques including contemporary dance, contact work from partner dances, breaking, afro-latin and folkloric dances, capoeira and aerial dance informs the company in their teaching in professional and community settings, and choreographic practice.

Community projects: Ella Mesma is interested in exploring the themes of the company productions with new teams around the world.  Mesma works always at the individual level: relating the personal to the political. She tends to work collaboratively and with the elephants in the room.  If you would like to discuss a project please contact info (at) ellamesma.co.uk

Ella Mesma Company believes in:

  • Investing in our team
  • Collaborating and empowering through the arts
  • Paying respects to our ancestral dance forms and creating an innovative mix of these styles
  • Celebrating diversity and promoting equality
  • Using theatre as a tool to create ethical political, personal work and conversation
  • Ensuring that everyone can watch and enjoy theatre


“Until the lions have their own historians, the history of the hunt will always glorify the hunter.” Chinua Achebe.