“Our Company Class draws from my background in Contemporary, Afro Latin and Breaking, with a touch of Yoga flow too. I am interested in the body moving as languid and fluidly- inspired by the ‘Yanvalou’ from Haiti, with the circular continual flow of breaking and lots of delicious latin-house, latin-breaks and other latin music. My knowledge and training as a yoga teacher has also informed my dance practise, as has extensive training in Graham in New York and Cuba. I have united these styles to create a fun, energetic earthy and grounded class full of body undulations, floorwork, contractions and release.” Ella Mesma 

Dancers from the company teach in London, Newcastle, Bristol and Leeds, and can also travel to teach. You can experience a range of workshops from Professional, Evening and Private Classes.

If you would like to enquire about our classes please contact us here

Professional/Private/Evening Classes:

Yoga, Salsa, Breaking, Contemporary, Tango, Contemporary Latin, Contemporary Breaking, Afro-Latin, Samba

“Students were awed by the physical expertise of Ella Mesma Company combined with well created dance motifs. The question and answer session was a real eye opener- all 150 students engaged fully. Excellent. Well done.” Subassa Lewis, Plashet School