Workshops and Engagement

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Ella Mesma Company seeks to champion an environment which is inclusive, collaborative and empowering. The company ethos of undoing limiting beliefs extends to our engagement and community work. With each company production, we offer wraparound activity, and are interested in dance for transformation and giving voices to the unheard. 

Our classes

My knowledge and training as a dancer and yoga teacher have all informed my workshops, in particular my training in Graham technique in New York, Afro-Latin styles in Cuba at LA Ena and with my teachers here in the UK, Afro Brazilian at Funceb and Capoeira with Mojuba, cyphering/ freestyling as a bgirl/salsera/passista and workshops with Russell Maliphant Company, myofascial release, Butoh and animal flow/ nature.

A culmination of all these different concepts and workshops is how I have arrived at my sequence of Ella Mesma Company workshops: HOME, WOMB, CREATE, HEART, SING and FLY, as well as offering pure technique classes. To read about the dance styles we teach and study click here

Company Class: Home, Heart, Heal, Womb, Fly

“I am inspired watching dancers moving languidly, passionately, and following the natural circles and rhythms inside all of us. I love to use the music and creative imagination as the driving force in my class, and in coming home to our natural and unique style.” Ella Mesma 

HOME: Starting with the feet and the ‘Yonvalou’ from Haiti (which traces back to Benin in West Africa), HOME is is part of a series of workshops which I use with my company dancers to encourage us to come home to our bodies, using dance and the voice as a healing tool to and expression of freedom. HOME uses different improvisation techniques to discover the unique movement language within all of us.  Danced to Latin and Afro house, (and other awesome tracks) HOME includes body isolations, contract/release work, floorwork and the imagination!

HEART: Inspired by human connection, this workshop is about partnerships and connecting to HEART. HEART is is part of a series of workshops which I use with my company dancers to encourage  connection, surrender, listening, and to reconnect with the ebb and flow of giving and receiving. HEART uses different techniques from contemporary and partner dances to get back in touch with ourselves and remember how to  communicate without words. Danced to Latin, Electronic, and other awesome tracks HEART includes lifting, one to one and group partner combinations as well as meditations to connect to the heart.

CREATE: More information coming soon…
WOMB: More information coming soon…

SING: More information coming soon…
FLY: More information coming soon…

Upcoming Classes

15th September, Richmix: HOME (As part of Roots of Rumba) 11am

4th October, Trinity Centre: Starts 09:30 to11:00am TICKET PRICE £5

3rd November, Richmix: HEART (As part of We Created Our Life)

4th November: HOME at The Place
TIMES: 16.30-18.00
COSTS: £15 (Earlybird) or £20 (After October 15th)

Theme based workshops

With each show we have also developed a workshop and education package which can be booked in schools and dance venues.

Ladylike (Consent based workshops using dance)

Foreign Bodies 

Papyllon (Dance using maypole and folk dance, Storytelling workshops)

Who can study with us?

We can cater for all ages from 4 to 80… we have taught in nurseries, schools, universities, congresses, youth groups and in both community and professional dancers and settings. We also offers goal setting and mentoring sessions, and meditation

Where have we taught?

Ella Mesma has been teaching dance since 2003. She has taught for the National Dance Teachers Association, ADAD, Sadler’s Wells, Yorkshire Dance, Dance X Change, Birmingham Hippodrome, Trinity Centre, Dance City, U4, The Place, Drumming 4 Business, Global Grooves, Salsa Congresses across the UK and internationally (Spain, Denmark, Serbia, Greece, Turkey), York University, Newcastle University, Leeds University, University of East London, Rise Youth Dance Company, Dare to Dance, Big Dance, London School of Samba, Move It, Step into Dance, Burlington Danes Academy, Elizabeth Garrett Academy and many more schools across the UK.