Womb Healing and Holistic Pelvic Care

I first discovered Holistic Pelvic Care via Tami Kents meditations. I was listening to an online app called Daily Om and taking a course: Unleash the Goddess Within by Jumana Sophia.

In one particular meditation on that course, she referenced Tami Kent, and that meditation was so powerful, that I just knew I had to find out more. I began my research to find out who she was and more specifically, what this meditation was, and how I could go deeper

Tami Kent has written three books: Wild Feminine (this is the first one I read), Creative Feminine and Mothering your Centre.

On reading Wild Feminine I really began to discover the power of Holistic Pelvic Care. I noticed some profound movements in my centre. I had had various issues in my root growing up: suffering from Candida from 2005-2008, and until now, I really do feel trauma (no matter how big or small) in my root.

During my training as a Kundalini teacher, I learnt a lot more about how imprints are left on our aura, and how energy imbalances are a result of the unconscious agreements affecting her use of energy.

Tami Kent’s teachings about a woman’s physical and energetic presence being affected by her experiences really resonated. Tami Kent teaches that life leaves imprints & impacts on the female body or the feminine spirit.

I first experienced Holistic Pelvic Care in Bristol (my hometown) with a practitioner called Helen Hodder, and again, the results were profound. At that point I had been suffering from something which I now know is called hypertonic tension: I am a dancer, and a;lso do aerial, and so have a strong core, but I was actually over tensing! This process was like a rebalancing for me… it felt like for the first time I took personal ownership of my energy center.

In times like these we are living through: horrendous racist police violence, the coronavirus pandemic, economic crisis, there are multiple levels of imprint and impact affecting all of us (regardless of gender), and so when I was offered a scholarship to train with Tami (who lives in the US and probably in normal times I would not be able to afford), I did everything I had to to get the rest of the money together and make this dream come true.

If you would like to sample a short introduction to the work, please click here for a free meditation.

I would describe Holistic Pelvic Care as a little like Feng Shui, of the womb space: working with the flow in the pelvic bowl to realign core energy, and that the more you clear, the deeper space you are able to hold space for others. I feel so blessed to be able to share this work, and to be able to heal my own womb space along the journey.


A few weeks ago, on the new moon, I set a task with my coaching clients in our monthly group session: inspired by Ru Paul’s Drag Race, series 10, episode 11, to create a poem about their ‘Evil Twin’: Our shadow self: the things and sides of ourselves we are ashamed of and hide from the world… Here was my own response… which resulted in a marriage of masculine to feminine! I called the poem Ibeyi, which is ‘twins’ in yoruba.


Her ying
His Yang

They collide awkwardly
Bumping into each other
Like a couple sharing their life together
but living separately
Off kilter

He is Brutish at first
Angry, bossy,
He tramples on her paintings
believing them to be unworthy

Later, when she’s not looking
He picks up the pen
And tries to recreate her shapes
But finds his version to be missing something too

She is quiet unsure of her worth
So enamoured by her brothers long words
She takes a step backwards
willing to be more like him

But when the time comes
It is him who is frozen
Those puffed up words cannot hide
His fear

And it is her golden honey voice
That mends the cracks
Like a Japanese kintsugi pot

He helps her to sweep the space

listening carefully, head cocked sideways
He asks her to show him how

they place the painting
they made
in the centre

A beautiful blend: sweeping figure of 8s
Golden meeting red
Lines and curves of shadows and light

The sun and the moon creating the perfect eclipse

Hip Hop Dance Almanac

IA: Hi Ella. What I’d like to say about you is that you document yourself well, so I won’t go over old ground. First question, I’m interested in Hip Hop as alternate kinship/family and would like to hear your thoughts and experiences of that. EM: Sure, so, it’s a big question isn’t it? I guess for me, the biggest family I’ve had in Hip Hop. Actually, I’m already like ‘no that wasn’t’ one of the biggest was through meeting Renegade (Kevin) and training in London. In the London B-Boy scene I also became a partner of one of the boys on that scene, so you know it very much became my world. The younger generations like Terra and Eddie were at our house every weekend getting ready for battles. My B-Girl community, (the B-Girls were Emma Houston, Rox, Lisa, Jenn, Joey, Nefeli). There was a big group of us who also trained with Kev and were working in London. I guess that was my biggest family.

IA: What time are we talking?

EM: 2009 to 2015. And you know we’re still close now. But things have changed, people have grown up, people have moved out – I’ve moved out of London so that’s one of my big families. I’d say I have two other big families, Rokafella and Kwikstep in New York. But yeah, it’s been across the oceans training and keeping in contact. But those are my big families. There’s also the bigger community, which is more like the diaspora dance community. Marv said something the other day, do you know Marv Radio? He is a beatboxer. He said something during a show we were performing in (Roots of Rumba, London) about that wider family also being Hip Hop you know how everyone on that scene is Hip Hop because ‘The ultimate message of Hip Hop is about love, it’s about healing and it’s about family.’ You know all the work that was being performed at that event was about those things, and all of that made me think about this extended family of diaspora dance theatre and the love that is there. And also this supporting of different generations. Can I add one more? Family number 4 is Artists4Artists. For sure. We have a WhatsApp group and it’s about constantly sharing, constantly looking out for each other and supporting each other’s shows and knowing what’s going on. I would say it is more in London than in the UK, but in the UK nonetheless.

IA: Can you talk about each of those families and what they offer you? And what do you offer them in return?

EM: Sure, sure. I think in the breaking scene now I consider myself, I still break, I mean now I’m moving to Leeds, there still are breakers, the Leeds breakers – Raw Gina and all them – that’s who I will train with while I’m up there. My personal attitude is that I’m not about battles, I just realised that battling was a phase in my life. (laughs) I realised, when I was really in that scene I was being mentored, more so than me giving back. And I’m now in the place where I’m giving back. And being able to see. So, for example in the show I’m making now there is a B-Boy/salsa dancer from East Grinstead a house dancer from France, a house dancer/Capoerista from Portugal and a Hip Hop dancer from London. We had our full audition on the weekend. So, I suppose now it’s about giving back, doing shows, making tours around the UK. I love linking up because I’m a bit of a gypsy/nomad. I’ve also got my other families around the UK, like Newcastle Robbie and all the B-Boys there (where we came from before Liverpool). Because I worked for Robbie in 2013. So yeah I’ve got all these different communities. Because I love connecting people. And it feels like such a family of love. It’s just beautiful being around all those amazing people and supporting them.

IA: And what about Kwikstep and New York?

 Read the full article here

Covid Updates: The Earth without Art is just Eh: Ida, Pingala and all that is in between

I have been reflecting on the loss of Ty (And many more wonderful human beings) to Covid19. I dug out a music video we danced for Ty many years back here. I think Ty was in many ways ahead of his time, and my heart goes out to his friends and family at this difficult time.

This week’s theme is balance. I shared a talk with my Embodied Alchemy coaching clients about Ida and Pingala; the left and right hemispheres of the brain (often called masculine and feminine energies within us). We explored the idea of polarities and duality: how (and if) we have experienced internal fight or self judgement of what we perceive as good or bad, right or wrong and any shadow sides of our selves we have met more strongly during this time of lockdown. I set a task: inspired by Ru Paul’s Drag race series 10, episode 11 (Evil Twins), to get in touch with how we self judge, how we push away sides of ourselves, what voices of authority do we internalise and how we can further release our masks, our ‘should’s and shouldnt’s’ and the pressure we put on ourselves… I am still working on my ‘Evil Twin’ poem but maybe I will share it next week!

One of my yoga teachers (Angad Singh) said to me this week (which I think relates to this), “The universe is perfect… we are perfect in our imperfection, and bringing our awareness to that is enough: our patterns exist, our resistance to life exists and when we meet that, we meet what is keeping us separate: and if we can let go of the judgement on ourselves then on an energetic level we can find the connection to spirit and to our truth”.

Here are some other things I have been inspired by this week: which I would love to invite you to join!

Showstoppers: Element Arts are an Urban Latin dance collective now directed and choreographed by Hannah Bertram, and this weekend they have a plethora of beautiful live events for the public supported by Wandsworth Arts Fringe through Wandsworth Grant Fund Tune in to our “Star In Your Own Show” online sessions where you will learn a fun dance routine from company dancers, or watch our show ‘Ecological Being,’ which promotes the interconnection between all beings, celebrating our beautiful Earth (because the Earth without Art is just Eh!)… I will be ricking my best Jellyfish (in honour of our own show: Foreign Bodies: An Underwater Love Story in which we present the eutopian world of the jellyfish via 4 amazing dancers and one amazing actor!)

Hammers: I have been talking with the amazing Yussef of Consciencia Negra in Lisbon and Melanie Abrahams of Slate World ready for our online discussion on Wednesday about arts activism Yussef shared the words of Vladimir Mayakovsky “Art is not a mirror to hold up to society, but a hammer with which to shape it” and Melanie Abrahams, the Brazilian poet Adelaide Ivánova who has been shortlisted for the the Derek Walcott prize for her poem ‘The hammer’, which explores the hammer as a weapon, and also a tool.

Holistic Pelvic care: I first discovered Tami Kent, and her wonderful book Wild Feminine, (which is on my reading list for our retreat to Thailand which happens every December for female creatives) about three years ago… During lockdown, I have had the absolute honour to train in HPC with the incredible Tami online and have been struck by how this connects back to everything above. If you would like to enquire about a treatment then please get in touch (womxn only for now)!

Dance Your Roots: What a beautiful experience! We raised and are still accepting donations here… and we will be back next month. Read my reflections here.

Wellbeing: In this difficult time, I have had so many confirmations that my art from the heart (with a hammer), my classes, my offerings of service are about teaching wellbeing and connecting to wellbeing: using that hammer to gently reshape and create art from the heart. Someone this week on Linked in said ‘Let’s not pretend life before lockdown with lack of sleep, commutes to work, so much choice, work and life overwhelm was any better than what we are experiencing now’ An interesting thought to close with! Let me know what you think?

Big loves everyone: you are super(s)heros!

Stay strong, find the silver linings, and when life gives you lemons: add them to your tea!

I love you,

Ella xxx

Covid Updates

I am writing to you a little early this week as I wanted to share a beautiful project created by company dancer Ofelia Balogun (as seen in our trailer here) for which I will also be teaching as part of one gorgeous and talented team!

Dance your Roots International Lab

is inviting you to an introductory afternoon to diverse disciplines tailored on the theme of “Leaving behind the unnecessary”

Are you a dancer who has trained abroad? Have you enjoyed learning dances from a different country or culture in your hometown?

As we are all navigating our way through this global pandemic, we are aware it is affecting people across the world in different ways.

We have gathered a collective of international artists with a diverse background including Italy, Nigeria, United Kingdom, Brazil, Chile, USA. …To run a very special fundraising event on:

Saturday 9th May

to promote movement, connection, arts and wellbeing

Workshops are being offered to the public with a request to donate what you can afford, so that we can collectively provide support to a group of exceptional and humble artists in Senegal.

A collective of practitioners come together to Move you, Re-connect and Reflect to your Inner Roots…

Discover who…

All the sessions will be 30-45 minutes long on an online platform. The sessions are open to everyone and all levels.


All funds will go to support our artist friends in Senegal.

(£5-£50 all donations are welcome)

Can’t donate? No worries: Join us and Share our Fundraising Post!!



2PM GMT or 8PM Bogota

Mindful mobility with Alex Quinn

”Change happens through movement and movement heals”

(J. Pilates)

Using Pilates principles, Alex’s class will encourage participants to move mindfully, building core strength and stability, improving flexibility and increasing range of movement. Expect a grounding practice in a playful (online) space to build confidence and bodily awareness.


3PM GMT or 4PM Italy or 7AM Los Angeles

Dance your roots movement with Ofelia Balogun

“Dance as a tool to discover yourself as infinite possibilities”

Ofelia has been navigating, exploring and practising the foundations of African and Afro Caribbean traditional dance (Jamaica, Haiti and Cuba ) creating an experimental dance language that combines the dances researched with her personal approach.

Are you a sailor or an explorer of culture and movement like her?


4PM GMT or 8 AM Los Angeles

Dynamic Hatha Yoga with Vero Leopoldino

“We are all connected. Our differences are what make us the same”.

Vero uses Hatha and Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga as tools to explore and celebrate the body’s strengths and become aware of areas that we still need to notice, give attention to, and develop.

Trusting and working with our body’s intelligence, we are able to become our own teachers, taking care of our wellbeing, and live a better quality of life.

Join Vero’s sessions if you’re up for a dynamic and playful practice to discover something new, let some stress go and have fun!


5PM GMT or 9AM Los Angeles

Embodied Alchemy MMMM Session with Ella Mesma: Movement, Meditation, Mantra, Mudra with Maya Gandaia

“As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul…”


Maya Gandaia is about Moving from Illusion to Joy, and this session is designed to move through the archetypes to release the emotions and stories no longer serving us through motion and into our highest self. This session starts with a chakra alignment to ground in ourselves, to connect to our genius and to open up to a deeper level of creativity, followed by a meditative flow to move to a place of heart, to limber up the hips and spine and to breathe into the infinite universe.


6PM GMT or 10AM Los Angeles

“Leaving behind the unnecessary with Olivia Eng

“There’s no need for us to be held back by the past or how things have been so far. The important thing is what seeds we are sowing now for the future.”

Olivia Eng is the creator of the S.C.A.R.S.(Strength Courage and Resilience of the Soul), an ongoing project that aims to highlight the power of healing through the intersection of dance, artistic expression, storytelling, and cross-cultural exchange.

Join her for a dialogue/discussion based on an inspiring quote by great inspiration and mentor Daisaku Ikeda; encouraging us to reflect on how we can use even our uncomfortable and painful experiences as a springboard for growth and creativity.


To Book or find out more:

Send an email to

Please include the details below.

Subject : Dance Your Roots International Lab






Olivia Eng & Ofelia Balogun started a small fundraiser to help 8 of their Senegalese artists that they had the honor of sharing space and dancing with at L’Ecole de Sables in Toubab Dialaw (Senegal), who have been deeply affected by the COVID-19 situation.

Their work at the moment has been suspended as musicians, dancers/performers, dance and music educators, a dance company director, and a hairdresser.

We have both donated what we can, but we need your help to reach this goal amount to be able to give some aid to each of them. If you can spare or offer anything at all to help, we and they would appreciate it so much! No amount is too small 🙂

We are deeply grateful for your help and support!





Big loves everyone: you are super(s)heros!

Stay strong, find the silver linings, and when life gives you lemons: add them to your tea!

I love you,

Ella xxx


Ps. Here are my offerings this week: