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Today we are at Now Northwich and other news on what we are creating…

With strange and saddening unfoldings worldwide, now more than ever we need ART and HEART on this beautiful planet (because the Earth without Art is just Eh), so, as I write this, I am sending love in abun(dance).
Today, I write as we prepare for our show at Now Northwich, a family festival with an eclectic and majestic explosion of international dance and street arts, including The Rainbow Butterfly!
Suppose you haven’t yet caught The Rainbow Butterfly (with a new cast of Joana Dias and Natalie James playing Maja, and Ama Rouge (and sometimes myself) playing Mother Earth). In that case, you can check out more dates HERE (Next stops include Brighton Festival for South East Dance, Dance City in Newcastle, Bourne Free Pride Festival for Pavilion Dance South West and GDIF in London.
Meanwhile, next week, we begin making our new family show: A Jellyfish Love Song in Bournemouth (and what better place to make it than by the sea!) supported by ACE (thank you so much ACE).
I had the most fun conversation with our set designer Holly about beanbags, lights and plastic bags which we will be animating as jellyfish within the show, and conversing with a local swimming pool to film an underwater scene!
And finally, in other news, over at Maya Gandaia, The Goddxx Path2024 has launched! Technically we have a full house with 7 sign-ups this year, but my intuition is telling me to hold one more spot open for someone until Sunday… is it you? If so send me a message and we can chat to make sure it aligns.
Wishing you a wonderful week and thank you for reading!

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