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I am back at work and creating shows and it has been LUSH!

I am well… and I do miss my husband buuut…
Today I will complete a week working with the wonderful Displace Yourself Theatre. Displace Yourself Theatre is a Bradford-based touring theatre company (this week we are in Stockton), that use the power of theatre to explore intercultural connectivity and tell stories… and they do just that… it has been…magical… profound… a bit like a ceremony in divine conversation with the universe! Most days I have had so many realisations at this point I am moved to tears! The biggest landing for me has been gratitude: in accepting that death is inevitable, I have felt immense gratitude to be alive and for every human in my life (you too: thank you amazing human for being in my life!)
DYT are such a wonderful heart-led team led by the wonderful jen and Mike, who have such gorgeous ways of working. Each morning we have done a beautiful set of 3×10 minutes (which I am calling the Jen Ten): 10 minutes meditation, 10 minutes stretching, 10 minutes moving… and with the theme of the show being birth and death… in that 30 minutes so much is already present and shifting within me! And the day just unfolds with more and more magic from that point.
DYT are Inspired by shared experiences of displaced and excluded communities, and this week we worked with a professional and a community cast (as Jen said yesterday we are ALL community and ALL professionals and ALL amazing!!!) The cast is just amazing!!! So just in case you can attend the sharing today, HERE is the link (there will be many more tears from me no doubt!)
I am up here choreographing aspects of the movement, and what I have found most inspiring is how it is all connected… each moment of the day becomes one beautiful golden thread connecting past, present, ideas, opposites, ancestors… beautiful!
I also love how they encourage audiences to think about the well-being of our society… and the community aspect… we have all eaten lunch together EVERY SINGLE DAY! I think many theatres can learn from them and the hosting venue: ARC Stockton: Thank you for having us! Learn more about DYT and their latest show HERE
Next week we get back into the studio (and I will get to see my new husband again too!!!) as Ella Mesma Company is working on the second week of A Jellyfish Lovesong: A new dance show for children and their families inspired by Laurie Newman’s book Jessie The Jellyfish, created to celebrate the magic and wonder of the ocean and explore what we humans can do to look after our planet.
On a set made entirely using recycled materials, A Jellyfish Lovesong is a magical adventure inspired by dances of the diaspora, and made for audiences 3+ and their families.
The show combines music, lights, singing, puppetry, dance, and tidying up the sea! We will be holding a sharing in Central London on Friday 25th June (please email me about attending if you are a programmer)
Here are our upcoming dates:

TRBB Performances:

5th July Bourne Free Pride Festival, Bournemouth, https://www.bournefree.co.uk/the-festival

TRBB Performances: GDIF 25th and 26th August at Stratford Park: https://festival.org/gdif/

We hope to see you there!

Finally… over at Maya Gandaia, I am so delighted that Embodied Alchemy is BACK!

This year, I am running it as a 7-month self led course and a 9-week container with weekly group coaching sessions.
HERE are the dates for the group coaching calls. The Grand Opening Ceremony of it ALL is TONIGHT! You can sign up HERE, and there is a MASSIVE discount (I will offer a discount for the 9-week sign-ups, but never one as big as this again!)
This year, I am also gifting the person MOST active in the Facebook group The Goddxx Path group coaching calls and online course for 2025… I love Embodied Alchemy and am super excited to raise the collective energy to move towards a world where the creative fire of each soul is cultivated & celebrated.

And that is me for the week… though I will be back with some Maya musings on married life next week (sign up HERE)

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