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Today I am writing to you on my way to two shows of The Rainbow Butterfly in Huddersfield. It’s been an intense but wonderful two weeks, full of tests and lessons in holding end results, and learning to be ok with the tension and stay present.
Today is actually the handover to the new amazing team Maja (the main character of the show is called Maja so hence Team Maja!) which feels joyful and also emotional: it felt huge this morning to realise that I won’t be performing today! ❤️ (and I am sure I will shed a tear or two later!)
After that, this week involves mostly baths (wahooo!), rest and meditation (both me doing & me editing all the beautiful new ones I have been creating!) Because tomorrow is also the opening of Goddxx Glow & The Goddxx Path which feels like a beautiful new adventure and I cannot wait to step on it with this glorious new cohort (you know who you are ❤️!)
And meanwhile I really feel the energy of the transition into the even more resourced & rested me: I am even reading a wonderful book called “Rest is Resistance” by Tricia Hersey… I have been facilitating some (scary because it’s so important!) beautiful sessions/workshops/sharing spaces for facilitators at Yoga Kula around considering trauma and creating heart-filled held spaces and how to be inclusive… and all of it is resonating and rippling out into my own life in beautiful ways.
Tomorrow is a Yellow Seed day in the Mayan calendar: a beautiful day for planting new intentions and mine is to be resourced, to hold an energy of completion with all my projects and to
embrace the beautiful energy over being: presence & imagination in all I do.
What is yours?

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