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The Getting Better Box and A Jellyfish Love Song

It has been a really long time since I wrote a blog post,

because last lockdown…

I burned out! 

Do you remember The Getting Better Box?

In lockdown 1, I wrote a newsletter every week inspired around ways to offer relief in these different times inspired by The Getting Better Box. I created a space on my website inspired by the idea of offering help and creating a space of resources for people in those very different times.

In lockdown 1, my response to the shock of everything that was happening was to go into action… it was kind of my way of coping, and my newsletters had such a wonderful response! It felt really inspiring to write from a heart felt place each week. 

But then in August, I realised I needed to take some of my own medicine and ‘Get Better’. I hadn’t been taking enough time offline to care for myself and my cup was not full up.

After taking that time out, reflecting on how much information is out there, I wasn’t sure if writing newsletters was the best way to get in touch with you, or the best use of my energy, and so have been quietly working, unplugging and re-imagining.

After unplugging, I had the idea of creating a physical Getting Better Box, and that has evolved in to an even bigger project; physical Getting Better Boxes for those who have felt isolated and lonely throughout the last year, which include an invitation to an online experience which interweaves themes of wellbeing, play and unlearning. With one awesome team, I have now developed a new take on The Getting Better Box which combines different types of performance, art, creativity and post boxes! 

I have since been commissioned by Rural Arts as part of Keepsake and our first interactive show The Getting Better Box & A Jellyfish Love Song virtual world performance premieres on the 27th May (get your tickets here)

Sending you all my love, hugs and magic at this different time,

Ella Mesma

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