The end of the tour!

I am celebrating because I finished my Rainbow Butterfly Tour!(watch a sneak peak here), and we will be showing the full work next month (3rd September) sign up for your ticket here… plus next month there will be the big Abs Challenge reveal… and how to get involved FREE on the next Abs Challenge! 🙂 […]

I hope frogs don’t make you squeamish? (And why they’re actually lucky)

I am celebrating because last night I leant in to my fear and did my first stand up comedy gig all about fast fashion! Plus Bigging Up Myself (as part of one of my favourite Maya Gandaia manifestation practises), because I am loving my daily abs work outs (and seeing the results) Plus today is a joyful […]

Ordinary Women. Doing Comedy. About Shit They Believe In.

I think I may be crazy, but if something scares me, I like to try my best to lean in and do it… because on the other side of fear, there is magic! And so I signed up for this event (because there is huge potential for change in comedy!) and am doing my first […]

Over at the Goddxx Path…

Well magic is happening… chrysalises are opening, butterflies are emerging… it is magic and divine, and we are just loving this year’s cohort and the whole journey and growth… and on that note, here is a message (from Thursday, not today) on making magic, from us to you because you are amazing!