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March Updates

Ẹ n lẹ! Salut! Olá! Hello!

Welcome all our friends and supporters: Here are our March updates in brief:

Classes, Workshops and a discount code for newsletter readers
South Africa
Bench Bitesize
Arts Council

Below you can read more, or head to our website to find out the nitty gritty details!

Have a wonderful March into Spring (with a little snow, hail and sunshine too)!

We would love to hear from you, help you on your creative journey and see you in our workshops soon!

Much love,

Ella xxx

Foreign Bodies: An underwater love story
We are super happy to announce that we got our funding and will be going into R&D phase 2 for our immersive technology jellyfish love story! Thank you to everyone who helped make this possible, and we are excited to spend a week in Liverpool at Metal, and a week in Bristol at Trinity Centre
Upcoming Workshops: HOME Series and the BENCH Bitesized
I originally developed the content of the HOME series  workshops to facilitate the telling of the performers stories in a way that was healing and affirming. They have evolved into a series of 7 movement meditations inspired by the chakra system.

Chakras are the centres in our bodies in which energy flows through: if they are blocked this keeps us from flowing freely in our lives, for example feeling grounded, our ability to accept others and new experiences, our ability to be confident and in control of our lives, our ability to love and be loved.

We all have our natural and unique talents to share with the world, and I love draw these out in everyone: coming home to who we are through imagination and how we move authentically! (Read more here):

16th-17th March: Joburg Afro Latin Festival , Johannesburg, South Africa

31st March: SING at The Place, London

13th April: Join 2Faced Dance Company and guests Rebecca Evans, Louise Katerega, Ella Mesma and Alex Croft at Kala Sangam 

14th April: SACRED at Trinity, Bristol

28th April: CREATE at The Place, London

4th May: SACRED at Yorkshire Dance, Leeds

11th May: SACRED at Siendo, Lisbon

Here is a special discount to the London classes for Newsletter readers: http://bit.ly/2U3hfkI

I will also be leading a 7 week Kundalini course at Ookushana: more information coming soon: watch this space…

IETM: We will be flapping our wings once more!
(Photo above by Anna Miller from Harambee Pasadia)

We are super excited to announce that Ladylike is back!

Dancers Azara Meghie, Hsing Ya Wu, Anna Alvarez and Lucia Afonso and choreographer Ella Mesma will be bringing back Ladylike next month at the IETM in Hull!

Come and join us? Ladylike is a superheroines journey about gender roles and relationships: Are you a chicken or are you a heroine? In the wake of #MeToo comes a funny and furious show from Ella Mesma Company.


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