Integrating My Mixed Experience

“As a mixed person, you always represent the minority of the room you are in at any given moment. To my black friends I am the white guy and to my white friends I am the Black guy.” Benjamin Alexander Content warning: This section talks about systemic racism.  When I arrived into this world, and […]

October Updates

Lockdown time was intense for me and as I emerged from my cocoon I needed to move slowly, so hence my not writing sooner, but if you do want to hear from me more regularly, there are two weekly mail-outs which you can sign up for here. Meanwhile, I hope in these times of change, colder […]


OUR COACHING AND MEMBERSHIP PROGRAMME (Watch the video here) I have been on such a beautiful path of healing and growth the past 5 years, and this week completed my second 5 week course as a team leader on a journey of Alchemy! If there was one thing that resonated strongly from training it was that […]

Art from the Heart

You are invited to join our auction and raise some money for ‘Show Racism the Red Card’. I have been healing my heart through painting, and will be donating the profits of my first piece of artwork to Emma Houston’s Just Giving fundraiser on behalf of SRTRC. This is the artwork above. It is not quite finished […]