Ella Mesma Company


Utopia is an online world created by Ella Mesma Company & Vtogether as part of Keepsake (Rural Arts)

Utopia was inspired as the third iteration of Ella Mesma’s Getting Better Box series and was build by Bryan Aldea of Vtogether with illustrations by Jessica Rosas and the imagination of Ella Mesma.

When Ella was ill as a child, her Mum would to bring out ‘The Getting Better Box’… essentially it was a cardboard box with some toys inside… it didn’t make her better, but as a child, it was a magical thing to open that box only when ill and behold the goodies inside… sometimes Ella even tried to fake sickness just for the box…

This was the inspiration for creating an online experience inspired by play and creativity in these different times. The show takes place in a Utopian world inspired by a recent EMC project.

Inside this online world, EMC screened one of their most recent shows A Jellyfish Love Song.

Audience members are met by live artists, find hidden answers, sounds and images. They discover opportunities to connect and move, and experience an online show.

Performed by Beth Rowley (Octopoda), Liam Garrigan (the Oyster Usher), Bryan Aldea (The Bar Shark), Franck Arnaud Lusbec (Beanie) & Ella Mesma (the Upside Down Jellyfish), this fully remote experience can be accessed from the comfort of your own home.

There is also a quiz, with prizes to be won!