Ela Mesma Company

Dispora Dance Theatre

Associate Artist Double Bill at Dance City, Newcastle








“A beautiful collage raw and honest physicality which holds you from beginning to end.” Alice Henry, Dance City

***** Audience members at Dance City

You have made a very intelligent piece – you lifted your very personal work into the realm of provocative and meaningful call-and-response: vital and timely thoughts and concerns. It became political, personal, emotional, sensual, positive and strong” Tim Rubidge, Dance City

“Original use of silks and fabrics – loved the sensory rolling on the fabric on the floor. Soundtrack supportive and rich I got lost in the piece – the lights, the membrane like fabric, the braids”, Audience member, Dance City

“Tremendous personal performance with a clear and significant theme” Audience member, Dance City

“Physically there was so much control in her movement and physique it was a strong performance to watch” Leanne a Johnson, Moving Frontiers

***** Audience members at Dance City

“Tremendous personal performance with a clear and significant theme” Audience member, Dance City

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