Ella Mesma Company

Dispora Dance Theatre

Wild Card: Vicki Igbokwe


Wild Card: Vicki Igbokwe

“the idea of the skin came across particularly strongly. Mesma is covered in a tight, futuristic body-suit with a hood. Crouched over, breaking, she looks and moves like a humanoid alien, constricted by some elements we can’t quite see but able to move around a lower plane with terrifying speed and violence. Her breaking really pushes the form beyond battles and bravado. It reminded me of Storyboard P’s claim that his “style is mutant”. All this strangeness is contrasted with moments when Mesma lets her head down and we see her as a real-life woman after all. In the piece’s final moment, she stands up straight and tall, dignified, proud and confident in her skin as she leaves the stage.”

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