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‘When your action rests on a foundation of your inner practices, it is aimed in accord with both collective good {sāmānya dharma} and individual purpose {svadharma}.

This battle has been in progress for a long time, and a huge layer is being hauled right now. It takes great effort. It will take everyone’s participation – but participation will look different for different people. How you contribute to this movement depends on your karma, skill, resources and capacity.

Be you an orator, a maker, an artist, a writer, a protester, a healer, a religious leader, a politician, an activist, a parent, a therapist, a promoter, a networker, a teacher, an example, a friend… you are needed. Your role may be visible to many, or to few, or it may be invisible. Maybe you are shouting from the rooftops, donating large sums of money, publishing books, leading workshops, starting protests. Maybe you are counseling others, maybe you are praying, maybe you are tending to someone who needs care, maybe you are making someone laugh, maybe you are breastfeeding a future contributor. Do YOUR duty and it will have a ripple effect that contributes to the whole.

Doing your duty requires that you “pull the bow back”. We require the sacred pause – turning inward – to aim well. When your action rests on a foundation of your inner practices, your outer work is aimed in accord with both collective good and individual purpose.

If you’ve been working at this movement for a long time and are driven to be at the helm of the surge right now – remember to rest and rejuvenate. If this movement is new to you and you feel driven to play catch-up – please slow down and be discerning or you cause more harm than good.

Being a contributor is done in large and small ways, every day. Your yogic practices – āsana, mantra, prayer, meditation, study of texts with teachers, ritual pūja, ayurvedic self-care… is the foundation of the work you are here to do for the collective.

Take in rest, take in nourishment, take in love, take in the divine. Then get to the work that YOU are meant to do.

Kaya Mindlin (Yogi)

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