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Speaking up, making art for relaxation and coming home…

Happy Pride beautiful ones!

In these past few weeks, we have sadly continued to see more incidents of racism, misogyny and bigotry but we have also witnessed many people waking up to the struggle, as well as some taking a firm stand. The UK hip hop dance scene is not free from these discriminatory behaviours, and accusations of sexual abuse have also been revealed this week.

It can be a traumatic time for those speaking out so if you need a safe space you can contact [email protected]You can also support dancers in recovery here. It is always frightening and draining to face the past, speak up and call out. I take courage form James Baldwin’s powerful words:

“Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced”.

In times like these, we can be affected in many ways and on many levels. Our vibration is shaped by our experiences. Last week, (thanks to the suggestion of Kenrick from Boy Blue), I offered a healing womb meditation online. Watch the meditation here for some refreshing and realigning of your core energy (I am in the process of re-recording this in a beautiful collaboration which we hope to share soon). You may prefer this Kundalini class to act not react. We are currently in ‘Pluto transformation’ where our deepest repressed and unvoiced fears may surface. This is also a time when karmic repayments are spread to those spreading good energies. Conversely it is at this time that our words may be misjudged or misunderstood, and we become distracted by reacting rather than taking positive action that creates long term change. (So I hope you find this Kundalini kriya of benefit!)

I will forever be moved by these powerful words by James Baldwin (Watch the rest here)

“It seems to me, that the, artist’s struggle for his integrity is a kind of metaphor, and must be considered as a metaphor for the struggle, which is universal and daily for all human beings, on the face of this terrifying globe. To get to become human beings…”

James Baldwin goes on to talk about “the poets – by which I mean all artists –Are finally the only people who know the truth about us. Soldiers don’t. Statesmen don’t. Priests don’t. Union leaders don’t. Only the poets…”

Powerful words, and big responsibilities for all artists.! His words have made me reflect too on the extent to which we are all toxic. How can we use our life journey to become better human beings? it is important to recognise the power of creativity to heal. I have been painting this week because I find it helps me return to stillness. It was also through painting that I originally realised I wanted to dance. Painting has helped me reflect on my busy pre-Covid lifestyle. Although it was rewarding, allowing me to connect, to create tribes and families all over the world, it was also a way to avoid, in the words of Ekhart Tolle, ‘‘living with myself’ or finding stillness.

Home, or isness, or bliss, or innocence (as taught in my coaching programme) is an energetic space within our body, and I hope that in between your surviving, your teaching, your working, your creating, your activism, your protesting, your speaking up, your caring for others, your listening to others, your donating large sums of money, your earning large sums of money and generally making ripples in this world, you are also giving time to yourself to rest, to recuperate, to come home, to breathe, to laugh, to sigh, to cry, and most of all, to be still!

Sending all my love in these different times: You are super(s)heros!

Ella xxx

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