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Do you all know this amazing DJ?!

Born in Sweden in 1978 as a stateless person, mother and father uruguayan political refugees in exile, Selectorchico resides currently in Montevideo, Uruguay.

DJ, and active music producer since 1999 under the pseudonym ​SelectorchicoTM having edited on independent labels such as Angel’s Egg (Japan) Vampi Soul (Spain) Flora & Fauna (Sweden) Frente Bolivarista, Psicotropicodelia (Brazil) Soundsister (Mexico) Sondor ( Uy) and having participated in festivals FILE (Brazil) FUSION (Germany) VAMOS (UK) Liminaria (Italy) Latinarab (Argentina)

Curator of the transmedia performance ​Revisitando Macondo on the Uruguayan record label of the 70’s of the same name. Co-curator of the sound area of ​​the British festival of Latin American culture ​VAMOS Festival of the city of Newcastle since 2016.

Institutional sound designer for ​Latinarab​, an international Arab film festival in the city of Buenos Aires since 2014. Post-producer and sound designer in several Uruguayan films, shorts and documentaries, having received several awards for his work, some of which are La Casa Muda, El hombre muerto, Chau Pelado, NEGRO, Amazónica.

Founder of the ​Espectral sound design studio (2005-2012) having done work for clients such as Unión Latina, Nat Geo and Uruguayan National Television, among many others. Founder, of the collective, party and virtual label Club Subtropical (2010-2016). Musician and composer in the band Tráfico, whose debut album was released in 2013, member of musical projects such as Plátano Macho, Spanglish Trax, Chocadores, Colectivo Remezclación, Ritmi e Rumori. Activist of the cultural association Triangulación Kultural in events such as AFRO EXPO and Uruguayan Music for Haiti, among others.

He is the youngest son of the Uruguayan poet Sarandy Cabrera (1923 – 2005) He has academic studies in arts, sound and computer science, parallel self-taught training in constant process. He speaks fluent French, English and Spanish, notions of Italian and Portuguese.

Check out his music below:

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