Ela Mesma Company

Dispora Dance Theatre

Roots of Rumba at Trinity Centre Bristol, 6th July

Photos by Roger Barnes     “A showcase of Afro-Latin, mixing contemporary & traditional, professional & non-professional. Explorative. Technical & expressive.”

“Moving, joyful, thought provoking, inspiring”

“Amazing! I have a huge learning curve.”

“Fantastic. Thank you.”

“Interesting dances – varied. Introduction to Rumba – brilliant.”

“It was very good. Very relaxing & enthralling watching very talented dancers. I would recommend to friends.”

“The event positively surprised me. At the beginning I did not know what to expect.”

“Interest in Dance & its African roots. Surpassed expectations!”

“It was fantastic. I’ve danced Afro-Caribbean styles from all over Latin America so I identified strongly & enjoyed the synergies.”

“I came to learn more about Rumba / salsa and to attend workshop. Workshop leader was AMAZING, so full of information, fun & energy. Enjoyed show very much. Felt a little lost by some of the pieces – more information needed.”

“Exhilarating, Passionate, Engrossing.”

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