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Ordinary Women. Doing Comedy. About Shit They Believe In.

I think I may be crazy, but if something scares me, I like to try my best to lean in and do it… because on the other side of fear, there is magic!

And so I signed up for this event (because there is huge potential for change in comedy!) and am doing my first live stand up act in a few weeks time!

Harambee Pasadia

Harambee Pasadia is one incredible Afro Fusion Arts Festival in the North of England, and we will be there all week doing our abs challenge, performing The Rainbow Butterfly, offering yoga classes and celebrating the summer solstice!

Sign Up And Find Out More Here

Natural Success Accreditation

It was a JOY to receive my coaching accreditation for this epic 8 year journey in alchemy from the one and only William Whitecloud this week!
Read More About The Accreditation And My Journey Here

Sign up for the ABS challenge

As you know we didn’t get awarded Arts Council funding this summer (but we found a few silver linings which you can read about here), and so Ella is stepping up to perform for the first time in a LONG time and so the ABS challenge is on and you are invited to join! We will drop a Facebook live ABS Challenge in to the group everyday for the next two months (at different times of day) which can be joined in person or on catch up… the mission is to get a six pack again by August using a mixture of the 5 Tibetan Rites, Inverts training and other bits of magic! All proceeds go into the making of the show & the accompanying story book!
Join In The ABS Challenge Or Donate Here

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