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October Updates

Lockdown time was intense for me and as I emerged from my cocoon I needed to move slowly, so hence my not writing sooner, but if you do want to hear from me more regularly, there are two weekly mail-outs which you can sign up for here.

Meanwhile, I hope in these times of change, colder weather and often upsetting news you are looking after your wellbeing. I have begun some live posts on Health in the Making with Rory Lemonaid every other Tuesday, which we hope will offer some helpful information in these difficult times.

I had such a joyful moment teaching breaking to the over 55s for Dance On at Yorkshire Dance last week, teaching some delicious online workshops, and also coaching with my Create Your Destiny family and learning even more about the Enneagram the past months… Plus! I got back into the studio!

As PDSW’s Supported Artist in times of lockdown, I couldn’t bring our collaborative piece ‘Foreign Bodies an Underwater Love Story’ and so I decided to revive and rethink a duet as a solo to explore identity, heritage, imposter syndrome and privilege. It was pretty intense getting back in the studio again, after 7 months off: especially getting back on aerial silks!

I decided to use this exploration to explore and confess why and how I don’t fit, with a goal to transcend all of my mind chatter and be her best self. Inspired by the four stages of transformation in the lifecycle of the butterfly, this piece will use text, song and movement to explore themes of Race, Herstory, Nature, Nurture, Shamanism and Alchemy.

This is a composition created with live music by Marv Radio using dance, meditation and aerial silks. This is an intimate performance filmed live and streamed the very same day from our theatre in Bournemouth. This work is not a final piece – but an opportunity to see a work in development, and after the show there will be an intimate post-show chat with CEO and Artistic Director Zannah Chisholm. Sign up here: https://www.pdsw.org.uk/whats-on/papyllon-rd-livestream-with-ella-mesma/

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