Ela Mesma Company

Dispora Dance Theatre

Nigeria for the Imo State Carnival

I have just landed from what I can only describe as the best, most extreme, most epic trip of my life: Nigeria really felt like a high vibrational place where all the spiritual journeys I have been on over the last four years began to take on a deeper meaning.

Travelling with Global Grooves and Gemz Mas Band for the Imo State Carnival, the best way to describe Nigeria is as medicine for the soul: not always easy but transformational if you are able to receive the lessons… Even where to begin with the day to day experiences of Nigeria I cannot… but I feel I truly understood the saying “As above so below” because with each disaster, an equally amazing experience happened: for each moment of bliss, there was an equally as shocking one… but truly, I think that they were only so sweet tasting because the harshness of some experiences meant we could truly step into gratitude and thus abundance and realise that it’s not about everything being perfect but about seeing the perfection in each moment…

Thank you Nigeria! I hope to meet you again soon

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