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Make Your Own Rainbow Butterfly Wings

Make your own butterfly wings to wear to the show!

Download and get creative here (there is no need to print these instructions unless you want to you can follow along using the instructions!)

EMC_The Rainbow Butterfly_Make A Butterfly_Digital Download

Here is our suggestions on how, or use your own creativity and whatever you have in your home!

Collect a toilet paper roll (or washing up bottle etc) and decorate that to become the centre of your butterfly (You may want to paint a few coats or paint or use wrapping paper or whatever takes your fancy!)

Create your own butterfly wings on a piece of paper or a cereal box or using our template.

To make them symmetrical, we suggest you fold a piece of card or paper in half, then trace the template or draw your own wings before cutting them out.

We suggest you ask an adult to cut them out or supervise you cutting.

Next decorate your wings! What might add even more magic to your butterfly?

Have lots of fun decorating your wings however you’d like!

Now glue or tape or staple your butterfly wings onto your toilet paper roll.

Then get imaginative!

Can you add a face?

Or use pipe cleaners for the antennae?

Can you add glitter for extra sparkle? B

ring your butterfly to the show!

Our performers can’t wait to see your creations!

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