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I have been on such a beautiful path of healing and growth the past 5 years, and this week completed my second 5 week course as a team leader on a journey of Alchemy! If there was one thing that resonated strongly from training it was that we all get a second chance at life when we apply these principles.
We offer embodied alchemy in all areas of our work at Maya Gandaia Ltdand Ella Mesma Company. Our membership programme enables you to explore the principles whilst the coaching programme is a real deep dive. The latter includes two 1:2:1 sessions a month, a group coaching call, a monthly group embodied alchemy session (moving the body physically) and a group practical session on intuitive work.. (Book a taster discovery session here)
All things are connected: innocence, inner sense, in no sense, letting go of the need to know, is-ness, bliss, joy, kundalini rising: this is at the heart of true connectivity: The trust is the magic, the magic is the reconnecting, the coming home to your body, learning to listen to the whisper: this is at the heart of all magic (Yes magic!)

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