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Dreaming big for 2019. EMC News and a New Years Eve Eve gift for you

E ku odun, Eku iyedun, Bonne Année,  Feliz Ano Novo, Happy New Year!

Welcome all our friends and supporters to our January newsletter!

Wooooow it is nearly 2019 and what an amazing last month of 2018:

Kundalini learnings with the Karam Kriya School,
Featuring in on the big screen in Beth Rowley’s Forest Fire at the London International Film Festival (which also took home two awards),
The launch of Business Yoga,
The launch of two films with Dancing Words at the Free Word Centre,
The chance to see the Athlone Young Poets who I met during my British Council funded trip to South Africa working with poet Toni Stuart perform in London (sponsored by The Barbican),
Launching with represent North in Leeds,
Completing my first two months working at Yorkshire Dance on a project with Older people,
Flying to Nigeria with Global Grooves and Gemz Mas Band.

Above is a photo taken in Nigeria whilst parading with Global Grooves at the IMO State carnival. Below you can read a snippet from my blog about the experience… full blog will be released in January.

I am excited to get this newsletter out to you before January begins, because I hear that the 5th January is the perfect time to dream big and make your new years intentions and so, I wanted to give away a free and magic worksheet made up of many different tools I have learnt and been taught that helped me to look back and review 2018 and to face forward and dream big for 2019!

At the link you will see some easy exercises that will take you about 15 minutes to complete and will help you make 2019 your best year yet!


Wishing you a beautiful beginning to 2019 and we hope you have given yourself time to rest, recharge and reflect!

Below you can also read all about next months workshops which I am super excited to be touring across the UK and further afield plus you can make the most of our early bird discount.

And you can catch the trailer/interview for our new project Foreign Bodies, find the links to the poetry dance films which launched this month, and read a snippet from my latest blog about a beautiful trip to Nigeria!

Happy New Year,

Much love,

Ella xxx

Nigeria for the Imo State Carnival
I have just landed from what I can only describe as the best, most extreme, most epic trip of my life: Nigeria really felt like a high vibrational place where all the spiritual journeys I have been on over the last four years began to take on a deeper meaning.

Travelling with Global Grooves and Gemz Mas Band for the Imo State Carnival, the best way to describe Nigeria is as medicine for the soul: not always easy but transformational if you are able to receive the lessons… Even where to begin with the day to day experiences of Nigeria I cannot… but I feel I truly understood the saying “As above so below” because with each disaster, an equally amazing experience happened: for each moment of bliss, there was an equally as shocking one… but truly, I think that they were only so sweet tasting because the harshness of some experiences meant we could truly step into gratitude and thus abundance and realise that it’s not about everything being perfect but about seeing the perfection in each moment…

Full blog coming in 2019

Upcoming Workshops: HEART and HOME
HOME Series Workshops: Dates for your diary and discounts.
I have recently developed 7 workshops which are touring the UK and Europe using both movement and meditation. These workshops are designed to heal, open and empower, and each is inspired by a specific chakra.

I developed these workshops to unleash the dancer inside all of us: to move uniquely, to create authentically, to respond, to lead, to follow. Just like nature, we all have our natural and unique talents to share with the world, and I love to use beautiful rhythms, magic and creative imagination to draw these out and come home to who we are together and how we move authentically.

HEART is a movement meditation which uses different techniques from contemporary and partner dances to get back in touch with ourselves and to remember how to communicate without words. Danced to Latin and other awesome tracks HEART includes lifting, one to one and group partner combinations as well as meditations to connect to the heart.

Upcoming Sessions:12th January: HEART and HOME at Trinity, Bristol

19th January: HEART at Siendo, Lisbon 

27th January: HEART at The Place

Earlybird: £15 (Pay before 7th January)
Drop in class: £20
Buy four classes: £50 (£12.50 per class)

Beth Rowley’s Forest Fire
Dancing Words: Poetry dance collborations
Dancing Words presented 3 new poetry dance films featuring the work of 3 exceptional British poets. Catch the full length videos here:
Warsan Shire
Caleb Femi
Mimi Khalvati
Foreign Bodies: An Underwater Love Story

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