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Covid 19 Updates week 3

How are you coping this sunny Sunday with this strange new world? What are you doing for yourself to keep connected, to release the stress, to ground? I am coping mostly ok. I realised that if we look at the seven stages of grieving… I went for denial first… loads of action, and lots of connecting with friends. Then this week, staying home hit home, and I began to feel into my feelings… I am learning to take things slower. I am realising that I need to find ways to have daily human connection online, but also being more selective about how i do that.

We each are experiencing our own unique stresses and challenges at this time, and if we can offer support, connection, and paths for self-awareness, and love at this challenging time, I believe we will come out stronger and more connected.

These are some events which might help to offer support at this difficult time:

As part of Slate World, we’ve confirmed our first Eclipse Online events:The Slate World UK team invite Black Artists, and fellow artists who are also marginalised for their race, to join the virtual gatherings to connect, learn and share during this time.The following sessions have been curated and will be led by Slate World UK Enabler Melanie Abrahams and myself:

Slate World – UK: Social with Pauline Mayers, Wed 15 Apr
Book a place >

Slate World – UK: Masterclass with Astrid Elburg, Wed 22 Apr
Book a place >

Slate World – UK: Social with Maya Chowdhry, Wed 29 Apr
Book a place >

Slate World – UK: Social with Naomi Mwasambili, Wed 6 May
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Slate World is transnational partnership promoting the visibility and mobility of Black artists, and fellow artists who are also marginalised for their race across Europe. Led by Eclipse Theatre with partners Theater De Meervaart, ICK Amsterdam and Teatro GRIOT, the two-year programme will open-up new potentials in programming, audience development, digitisation and cultural exchange.

The Getting Better Box

This is an online collection of all of all the tips, classes, facts, shared resources, poems, moments of hope I have been sent over the past month… there are things to experience, study… and lots of funding and other tips in this time of hardship.

If you are an artist and would like me to add your online class to the class list, please send it over! If you have some meditations you would like to give away, or know of a funding that might help a fellow artist: please email me it to [email protected] and I will try my best to get things added on a day by day basis to create a helpful shared resource…

Massive shout outs to all my artist friends who have contributed to this list!


When we sit still for a long time, we inhibit natural movement of the spine, making this a primary problem area, and also reducing the blood and oxygen pumped to the brain thus affecting our mood, concentration and stress levels, so we are offering the following classes:


11.11-12.00 Ella Mesma Company Monday Morning Movement Mantra (Online)


Ella Mesma Company morning class is an Embodied Alchemy Movement meditation. We do this class every morning and love how it sets up our body mind and soul for the day! Our classes marry Graham and Dunham contemporary techniques with elements of yoga and Cuban Contemporary, Afro Cuban and other folkloric styles. The sequences tend to move seamlessly in and out of the floor and can often be grounded, fluid and energetic. We describe them as a movement ritual.

CLASS WITH BUSINESS YOGA: Wednesdays at 15:15 – 15:30 BST

15:15: Fifteen Moves to make you feel better at the desk


CLASS WITH MAYA GANDAIA: KUNDALINI YOGA: Tuesdays at 18:30 – 19:45 BST (from 14th April)

To boost your immunity, release fear and raise your vibration


CLASS WITH ELEMENT ARTS: Samba Saturdays at 11:00-12:00 BST


MEDITATION WITH MAYA GANDAIA: Saturdays at 12:15 – 12.30 BST

To find out more about the classes: or the many other classes listed on our site click here

Big loves everyone: you are super(s)heros!

Stay strong, find the silver linings, and when life gives you lemons: add them to your tea!

I love you,

Ella xxx

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