Collabo with Avant Garde at Circomedia

On the 23rd June, I presented an extract of Papyllon for Collabo’s first Bristol event, held at Circomedia.

There are two major things I will take away from Collabo!

Firstly: I felt a beautiful sense of community in Bristol: Inspiring performances, and I also felt so moved at all the amazing people I have been lucky to meet in my life: from Helen Wilson’s Rise Youth Dance Company (who did I tell you is the reason I dance?) whose piece was so professional and so highly skilled I got goose bumps! To Issie Lloyd’s performance (I first met at an Alienness workshop in 2009!) Issie worked with a collective of artists whom she had never worked with before to form the Bristol Collective, to Juke Box Collective from Cardiff directed by Liara Barussi (who gave me a wonderful music video gig “She’s on fire” for Bo Saris in 2015) that was also screened on TV (Stranger Things): Incredible dancing by tiny humans! To Sara Dos Santos (who I have known since 2009 also) piece inspred by her findings with Meninadance in Brazil (Who I fundraised for in 2004!). I also met and got to see some wonderful new artists like Georgina Disney, Marcia Marcelino and House of la Volta. It felt like a true dance family: people who I have known for many years now: even the photographer, coming together to collaborate… well done Collabo!

And secondly: I learnt to go slow in my performance: To not rush but enjoy and truly be present in each moment of my performance…  most delicious and delightful discovery: I can hold the space! I can’t quite describe this feeling other than time stopped still and I knew the space was mine. I was inviting people in… to join me in my world and my tempo. It felt sacred, sensuous and delicious. I am super excited for South Africa next and to work with my collaborator Toni Stuart live!



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