Ela Mesma Company

Dispora Dance Theatre

“An absurd, comical, and emotionally charged ritual of dance theatre” (Bristol 24/7)

“An absurd, comical, and emotionally charged ritual of dance theatre” (Bristol 24/7)

LADYLIKE explores sisterhood, softness, sanity and sexuality through a range of different dance styles, Latin music, and theatre.  all takes place within a chicken-feed circle marking the female space of the ‘chicks’. This space is both animalistic and soft, powerful and vulnerable and within it typical female tropes and professions are played out sometimes with humour, sometimes with sensitivity and other times with violence.

Disturbing scenes which pick apart the nuances of desire and consent, sex and violence are made palatable by inverting key symbols of vulnerability: gender is fluidly played with and characters are dressed, as opposed to undressed, in scenes of violence. This seemed an action of solidarity and protection between fellow females, although of course it also resembled the multiple masks and costumes forced upon us.

Two females dancing bachata, deeply in sync, with curiosity and desire fuelling their curvaceous, rolling movements was sensual and stunning, questioning Latin American and worldwide gender structures. This was only one example of many which run through the 55-minute piece.
Humour reigned in a comedic look at the way women pamper and prepare themselves – expect oregano and salt to replace shampoo and shower gel!
Ultimately it is sisterhood which brings positivity, vibrance y un poco de perreo to this fantastic performance, with a diverse soundtrack that elicits myriad dance styles and the breadth to unchain ourselves.
CASA festival is on for another week with #theatre, #film, #dance and #music

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