“Ladylike should be compulsory watching for the world” Chris Megginson, Yorkshire Dance

Are you a chicken or are you a heroine? In the wake of #MeToo comes a ceremonious undressing of four timeless and universal stories. Fusing dynamic hip hop with the tempestuous and sexually charged Rumba, LADYLIKE is a super-heroines journey that takes a fierce, frank and funny look at the potential and the limitations of gender roles. Themed around the slang word for woman as ‘chick’ or ‘hen’, and based on interviews with young women and female Hip Hop and Latin dancers, Ella Mesma Company have created a new ritual for women to explore consent, the masks we wear, purge cliches and celebrate sisterhood.

Programme Notes

  1. Todo nace de la Rumba (Everything is born from Rumba), 2. Women who run with wolves, 3. Little Anna, 4. 50 shades of chicken, 5. The Maverick reigns her roost, 6. My dress is not yes, 7. Guerreras (Warriors)

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A unique movement language at the crossroads of theatre, Latin and Hip hop, together with a punchy feminist approach” Eva Martinez: Artistic Programmer & Artist Development, Sadler’s Wells

“F***ing brilliant. Very moving” Audience Member: Offbeat Festival

“Completely engaged- Enthralling, emotional, grounding work” Stuart Carter- Audience member and CEO, The Tabernacle- London

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Concept and Direction: Ella Mesma

Dancers: Anna Alvarez, Azara Meghie, Hsing Ya Wu, Lucia Afonso (and we honour Lianett Rodrigues who was involved in the first draft of the work),

Choreography: Ella Mesma and Dancers with the opening scene by Yersin Guillen Rivas

Costume: Jodie-Simone Howe, Dream Sewing, Ila Leila Samba Costumes, Melissa Rolas and Ella Mesma

Lighting: Ciaran Cunningham

Music: Composed by Sabio Janiak

Photography: Nicola Hunter, Camilla Greenwell

Additional Direction: Charlotte Vincent through The Bench (2015), Lea Anderson (2017)

Dramaturgical Support: Peggy Olislaegers through Yorkshire Dance’s Sketch programme (2015)

Thank you:

This work began in 2015 and has been a profound research into the dance styles, with the content and creation spanning 4 continents. A huge thank you to everyone who has been a part of this work, in particular:

Arts Council of England, Crowdfunder donaters, Casa Latin American Festival, Peggy Olislaegers and Yorkshire Dance’s Sketch programme (2015), WCMT, Lisa Ullman Trust, Wieke Eringa, Dance City, Patricia Stead, Jeff Dean, James Froment, Sadler’s Wells, Richmix, ADAP Sar, Dance City, Trinity Centre, Yorkshire Dance, Dance Studio Leeds, ADAD, The Bench (2Faced Dance), Kala Sangam, Eclipse Theatre, Absolutely Cultured, IETM, Harambee Pasadia, Lukas Awards, Artists4Artists and all the team, Big Feast, Sh! Erotic Shop, Fergus Evans, Nicola Hunter, Camilla Greenwell, Tom Bowles, Suzie Howell, Lea Anderson, Charlotte Vincent, Miguel Gonzalez, Yersin Rivas, Luanda Pau, Lianett Rodrigues, Emma Houston, Rita Vilhena, Gabriela Montgomery Solano, Jo Leahy, Hugo Canuto, Mum, Family and Friends.