“She really pushes the form beyond battles and bravado” William Drew- Exeunt Magazine (Sadler’s Wells) 

Ecdysis refers to the shedding of the skin as in reptiles. Created by Anthony Egea of Compagnie Revolution, Ecdysis is a surrealist interpretation of the Chakana, which for Inca and Mayan mythology symbolizes what is known in other mythologies as the World Tree or Tree of Life, representing Underworld, Current World and Upper World.

Ecdysis also represents three animals- the Puma, the Snake (Oxumaré), and the Condor.

Duration: 8 minutes

Touring availability: Ready for touring

Minimum performance space: 8 x 7metres

Tech spec: Download the tech spec here

Wraparound: Breaking and Breaking Contemporary workshops

About the creation

This work was supported using public funding from the National Lottery through Arts Council England and mentoring from Kate Scanlan.

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Ella Mesma Company | Ecdysis Trailer | 2015 from Ella Mesma on Vimeo.

Production credits:

Choreography: Anthony Egea

Dancer: Ella Mesma

Music: Composed by Frank II Louise

Lighting: Ciaran Cunningham

“A compelling watch” Theatre fullstop