Ella Mesma Company | Orixás trailer from Ella Mesma on Vimeo.

“Ella Mesma Company’s ‘Orixás’ carried that vital spark of originality” Graham Watts at The Place       

Ajé in Yoruba is said to be ‘both a spiritual power as well as the humans who use that power. It’s owners and controllers are women.

Inspired by and paying homage to the Orixás (deities) of Yoruba mythology, each with individual attributes and skills connected to nature, Orixás explores the story of four strong female warriors.

Duration: 20minutes

Touring availability: Ready for touring

Minimum performance space: 8×7 metres

Tech Spec: Please click here to download the tech spec for this work

Wraparound: We offer workshops on Afro Cuban or Afro Brazilian dance, The Elements, Dance and language (Spanish or Portuguese), and a creative theatre project reinterpreting the work in schools.

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About the creation

This work was supported using public funding from the National Lottery through Arts Council England, RBKC and The Chelsea Theatre, with mentoring from Shelley Maxwell.

Production credits:

Choreography: Ella Mesma and dancers

Dancers: Anna Alvarez, Ella Mesma, Gabriela Montgomery-Solano, Mariana Camiloti

Music: “Orixas” composed by Matthew Patrick Olden with extracts from: “Homa” by Shahrokh Yadegari, Azam Ali & Keyavash Nourai; “Aideu”by Conjunto Céspedes and “Home”by Armand Amar & Gombodorj Byambajargal

Lighting: Ciaran Cunningham

Mentor: Shelley Maxwell

“Twenty minutes of pure Contemporary dance at its most physical and most sensual. Rhythmic and gymnastic, the piece (tells) a captivating story of female strength and solidarity” Lilia Prier Tisdale