Foreign Bodies


28th September 2017: Dance Edits: DanceCity: Newcastle

The work will touch on four topics:

  • In medicine, a foreign body is any object originating outside the body of an organism: The immune system can recognise cells based on the proteins present on the surface of cells. Viruses, bacteria, and other foreign cells are recognised as being different from our own cells and are attacked by our immune system. Sometimes, one of our own cells changes, or mutates, giving the cell the ability to multiply continuously. Such mutations often are the cause of cancer. Our immune system has the ability to recognise mutated cells and attack them before they can grow into a tumor.
  • How the body is treated as ‘other’ in terms of ethnicity, body type, and migration, in particular in light of recent world views on migration: what it is to be a ‘citizen of the world’? Questioning notions of belonging, home, identity and journey.
  • The individual journey to overcome our mind and ego: How the mind deals with trauma and learns it’s own coping mechanisms: What goes on within the mind: What is sane what is normal.
  • The role of the medical community historically with regards to colonisation and immigration.

Touring availability: From 2018

Touring team: tbc

Minimum performance space: 8 x 8 metres


Sound: Sound run from laptop (Q-lab) over PA system

Needs: suitable dance flooring

Lighting: adaptable to venue specifications

Tech Spec: (Coming Soon)

Duration: tbc

Wraparound activity:

About the creation: I will begin explorations into this new work at Trinity Centre in Bristol,  Dance City in Newcastle, Metal in Liverpool and Yorkshire Dance in Leeds.

Production credits: 

Artistic Director: Ella Mesma

Dancers: Patrick Ziza

Lighting: Ciaran Cunningham


Photography: Camilla Greenwell

Previous performances

First residency: IgniteArtists: Summer 2017 Resident Artist at Trinity Centre Bristol: July 2017

21st July 2017: ScratchDat: Artists4Artists: Richmix: London