Foreign Bodies- In development


What remains of our heritage when cultures mix?

In an age where tools like the web connect us, ‘Foreign Bodies’ explores why there is such ‘dis-ease’ around ‘other’. Building upon themes of medicine and science, the work draws parallels to the fear of ‘contamination’ and need for border controls. The piece crosses oceans to illuminate the enormity of time, telling the stories of individuals on a human level, and echoing the bigger story: ancestry, evolution and the haunting manifestation of power structures historically.

A celebration of dance and music to pulsating and intertwining Afro House and Kuduro rhythms, ‘Foreign Bodies’ crosses borders and cultures to ask whether cultural traditions become lost with globalisation? What remains of our heritage once cultures mix? What is our right and responsibility to our ancestry and h(er)(is)tory?


“Artistically, scientifically and culturally significant… promises to be a powerful and dramatic work of richly layered relevancies.” Katy Noakes, OneDance UK

“Ella has situated (Foreign Bodies) at a fertile intersection of styles and approaches to dance that add up to more than the sum of their parts. The vocabulary shifts and unfolds throughout.” Dan Canham, Artistic Director, Stillhouse

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