Ella Mesma Company

Dispora Dance Theatre

PowerUp! Podcast

Created by Ella Mesma and Ama Rouge, PowerUp! Podcast is a contemporary podcast that seeks to empower and dismantle.

Hosted by two womxn of black and mixed heritage with over 30 combined years working in the dance, movement and creative industries. They share their journeys and their tools to help you on your personal journey to your authentic self.
Ama and Ella lead conversations around topics of healing, transformation, wellbeing and creativity, to give you the power and confidence to question, deconstruct, rebuild and expand in life.

We recognise we cannot dismantle and empower (or be empowered) without first learning ourselves. We must dive deeper into ourselves in order to unlearn the harmful, the restrictive and the unprogressive. It’s an ongoing practise and journey for us all, and this is why we decided to create this podcast.

We both have our fair share of stories, have experienced the glass ceiling, the microaggressions, the rejections, traumas, and have had some incredible adventures too.