Womb Healing and Holistic Pelvic Care

I first discovered Holistic Pelvic Care via Tami Kents meditations. I was listening to an online app called Daily Om and taking a course: Unleash the Goddess Within by Jumana Sophia.

In one particular meditation on that course, she referenced Tami Kent, and that meditation was so powerful, that I just knew I had to find out more. I began my research to find out who she was and more specifically, what this meditation was, and how I could go deeper

Tami Kent has written three books: Wild Feminine (this is the first one I read), Creative Feminine and Mothering your Centre.

On reading Wild Feminine I really began to discover the power of Holistic Pelvic Care. I noticed some profound movements in my centre. I had had various issues in my root growing up: suffering from Candida from 2005-2008, and until now, I really do feel trauma (no matter how big or small) in my root.

During my training as a Kundalini teacher, I learnt a lot more about how imprints are left on our aura, and how energy imbalances are a result of the unconscious agreements affecting her use of energy.

Tami Kent’s teachings about a woman’s physical and energetic presence being affected by her experiences really resonated. Tami Kent teaches that life leaves imprints & impacts on the female body or the feminine spirit.

I first experienced Holistic Pelvic Care in Bristol (my hometown) with a practitioner called Helen Hodder, and again, the results were profound. At that point I had been suffering from something which I now know is called hypertonic tension: I am a dancer, and a;lso do aerial, and so have a strong core, but I was actually over tensing! This process was like a rebalancing for me… it felt like for the first time I took personal ownership of my energy center.

In times like these we are living through: horrendous racist police violence, the coronavirus pandemic, economic crisis, there are multiple levels of imprint and impact affecting all of us (regardless of gender), and so when I was offered a scholarship to train with Tami (who lives in the US and probably in normal times I would not be able to afford), I did everything I had to to get the rest of the money together and make this dream come true.

If you would like to sample a short introduction to the work, please click here for a free meditation.

I would describe Holistic Pelvic Care as a little like Feng Shui, of the womb space: working with the flow in the pelvic bowl to realign core energy, and that the more you clear, the deeper space you are able to hold space for others. I feel so blessed to be able to share this work, and to be able to heal my own womb space along the journey.

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