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Musings on Mauritius, Mary Poppins and Creativity, plus a NY gift…

I am back in the UK!
On the plane back from Mauritius I watched Saving Mr Banks: a biographical film about Walt Disney collaborating with the author of the books Mary Poppins… have you seen it?
The film moved me, because it made me think of my Auntie Sandra who passed away this time last year on the 6th January 2023 (and loved Disney movies), so I am sending love and prayers today ❤️
I also found myself moved for the innocence (in no sense, inner sense, inner tuition, intuition, imagination) in all of us: and at how many of us lose our childlike wonder in the role of being an adult ❤️
So today I am also wishing (on a star) for all of us to connect to our hearts, to our joy, to our awe and wonder… that in an illusory world, rather than endure the reality of our conditioned truth, our identity & what others tell us is possible, we dare to dream, to imagine and go for what we love…
And also offering a moment of appreciation for all the artists and storytellers who bring imagination to many hearts who may have otherwise forgotten how to dream… because through art & storytelling we instill hope again and again ❤️
So thank you to all the artists, the poets, the storytellers who touched my heart in 2023: keep being you! And thank you to everyone who has supported, and extended your kindness and heart in 2023: I love you!!!

And may you create all your dreams (and keep filling the world with imagination and heart) in 2024: Because the Earth without Art is just Eh! 🌍

Mesma Mentions

I have popped a wee FREE Completion download as a NY gift HERE 💝

Here are my two invitations for this month:

Utopia: Grand tour 26th Jan, 29th Mar, 24th May 2024 with Ella Mesma Company

Come and explore the work of Ella Mesma in an imaginative online experience. These limited ticket events are an opportunity to have conversations with Ella & guests, see behind the scenes footage & catch screenings of new work. This is a PAYF event. Once you sign up HERE, you will receive an email with information about the theme of the event, as well as invitations about what to wear & bring with you. Limited to 15 tickets per event.

Sacral Chakra Journey 14th January 2024

To all the Leeds massive in my email database, I will be teaching for a Sacral Chakra Journey this Sunday. In this beautiful adventure we will cover a meditation to Balance the Moon Centres and The Woman’s set: a powerful Kriya to keep your spine, organs and nervous system strong and healthy and connect to your inner-tuition, beauty and goddess energy. This Pop Up is open to all levels and you can book HERE by searching for the 14th January in the calendar.

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