She Created Her Life is a festival which I co-produced with Tichea BradeShe created her life was about just that: empowering women to create the life they would love: a celebration of talented female entrepreneurs, artists and public speakers.

This is the event to awaken that passion inside you. We carefully selected wonderful women to share their desires, intentions, talents and gifts with an audience in Richmix, London.


“Amazing, powerful energy in abundance” Dr Nathalie Teitler: Dancing Words

“When two beautiful souls bond together similar souls will flock together to create a majestic event to empower others. I am still blown over by the evening performance. Keep on sowing the seeds to inspire others” Margaret Aberdeen: Break Free from Domestic Violence

“In our scene people are scared to show vulnerability or/and to admit the subtle and less subtle challenges that women go through: you created a safe space for that. Wonderful” Iris De Brito: Batuke/DAD Trailblazer 2018

“Great event – felt like a Retreat: relaxation, chocolate, movement, destress – and inspiration thrown in” Suzy Miller: Divorce Strategist

“You created magic on Saturday” Cindy Claes: 1000 pieces puzzler

“A unique event that London has not experienced before. The power of such an event is tangible.  Bravo ladies” Ama Rouge