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I hope frogs don’t make you squeamish? (And why they’re actually lucky)

I am celebrating because last night I leant in to my fear and did my first stand up comedy gig all about fast fashion!
Plus Bigging Up Myself (as part of one of my favourite Maya Gandaia manifestation practises), because I am loving my daily abs work outs (and seeing the results)
Plus today is a joyful day because we have the first of series 2 of Season 5 of PowerUp! and its all about gender identity, AND we are on to the second theme on the Goddxx Path 9 month programme: SACRED and all things sacral chakra!
But today…
I want to talk Frogs!
Yes really 🙂
Its been a bit of a theme for me this week…
On Friday, at the wonderful performance of Germaine Acogny (The Grandmother of African Contemporary Dance), she said that frogs inspired her movement which in turn inspired me! 🙂
On Wednesday, I ordered Tidalick to read to my wonderful goddxx children…
But this all began when I performed and taught at Harambee Pasadiaat the weekend…
I became the frog rescuer…
When one got lost and ended up inside the festival building, I guided it back to safer ground…
I looked up the reasons for their journey and the symbology of the frog…
And found out that frogs mean transformation, change, fertility, and prosperity!
And then a memory emerged…
Tidalick was my favourite children’s book growing up.
Tidalick is an indigenous Australian story from the Gunaikurnai people, and tells the story of a frog that drinks all the water of the world. Thirsty, the other animals must find a way to get the water back (the final solution was to make him laugh: I feel another theme emerging here!).
Age 5, my child logic figured out that if Tidalick was able to drink all the water in the world, he must be a huge frog… bigger than the world… in fact he must be God!
So at my C of E primary school in rural Kent, when we were asked to draw god… I drew Tidalick… until I saw that all the other kids had drawn white men with beards… and my fear of how others might respond to what I believed led me to crumple up that piece of paper and put it in the bin!
And I got to thinking about how much colonialism and the patriarchy got inside my head even aged 5, and that as a result I was not free…
And it reminded me of this Sadhguru quote;
“If your body, if your mind, if your emotions, if your energies are not functioning the way you want them to, then this is the worst kind of slavery, because somebody else decides what should happen within you. If somebody else decides what should happen around you, that itself you call as slavery. But if someone decides what should happen within you, is it not a more horrible way of being a slave? But please see, the whole world is in this slavery. The only consolation is everybody is like this.”
I realised that the perilous journey of these frogs represented the transformation of unlearning in me. That no matter how scary it may feel, unlearning is freedom, because as we unlearn, we get back to our hearts…
The work I do as a coach here at Maya Gandaia Ltd is all about getting back to this state of being in no sense… it is about listening to the intuition outside of the 3000 bits of information we process on a daily basis… outside of the things we learn in society about good or bad and right and wrong… It is about being our authentic selves and following our JOY (without letting beliefs, colonialism, patriarchy put us in a state of fear).
This morning, I am having a joyous, unapologetic frog inspired boogie and doing some journalling into what other fears I can lean into and what else I can unlearn?
Is there anything you are inspired you to unlearn this week?
And where can the frog inspire more transformation, change, fertility, and prosperity in your life?
Sending frog love your way my loves

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