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Can we can stop attracting something we don’t want by…

Grand rising !

This is the Sunday musing that is bringing me JOY this week:

We can stop attracting something we don’t want by giving attention to something we do want!

What you think ?

We cannot rid the world of things that bother us…

But we can change our vibration
And we can stop attracting what we don’t want by paying attention (putting our focus on) what we would love!

The first time I realised this so much fell into place.

Did you ever watch Eastenders?

Did you notice how much they love talking about what they don’t want?

It was probably over 15 years ago now that I stopped watching, but I remember that the difference was tangible when I stopped putting my energy and focus on that vibration…

And the same across multiple things in my life…

When I give my attention to what I love… the energy flows there…

The other stuff falls away…

Yes, it’s still a journey….

but WOW!

What a change taking my focus off of what I don’t want and putting it into what I LOVE makes…

Doing what we LOVE is embodying, becoming, being the change we want to see in the world… it is following our heart and our intuition for what gives us JOY ❤️

And guess what?

There is also a structure and a system to learn it!

Maya Gandaia as a concept is about that: moving from illusion (what we don’t want) to joy (what we would LOVE) ❤️

So I am curious

What do you want?

What would you love?

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