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Adventures in the USA because I am AMAZING plus Oh My Goddxx we launched!

Greetings and Grand rising !
How are you today goddxx?
And as I often say to my goddxx children… do you know how amazing you are?
Thanks so much for those who filled in my wee questionnaire that was so helpful to understand and listen to your requests… so today… here is just a story about my week…
This week was launch week for Embodied Alchemy, and I have been holding a lot of creative tension…

Will I finish filming everything in time for launch date?

Will anyone like my course?

Will this idea that has been inside my head the past 7 years make sense to anyone besides me?

Will I ever be able to close down all these tabs (I had computer tabs open for the course build, editing all the videos on veed, all the playlists, all the downloadable files… it was immense!)


In other news

I flew to Sequoia on Friday (A national park in the USA) the day after launch day, to work with one of my mentors (William Whitecloud) on a retreat

And I had my family visiting all week (and I don’t know about you, but if there is one person I am challenged with around boundaries, its my Mum, so telling her I had to work whilst she was visiting just didn’t quite cut it!)

And Ama and I were busy preparing for the podcast new season 6 launch (which lands today and we are talking Human Relationships!)

So yes…

There was a lot of creative tension…

But there was also a lot of knowing (“I will make it happen I just don’t know how?!”) in the unknowing…

There was a holding of it all…

There was a visioning of what it would feel like to complete on all of these dreams and get to the US at the end of it…

And there was a JOY in the process, in the making and in seeing it all unfold…

I have been filming the movement invitations of the course in an epic location (apparently an ancient volcano: yes really: see a picture here) that really fed my soul and seemed to transport me and raise my vibration each session… after each one I felt so intuitive and connected to myself, my heart and the vision…

And I had been dreaming about the different aspects of the course, and waking up with new ideas and intuitions and I just loved crafting that all into an offering…

Plus, finally seeing the ideas I have been having for the past 7 years about this offering coming to life and making sense in my body mind and soul was so beautiful!

This Thursday we launched, and wow, what a wonderful circle of humans we have journeying this year! All of them taking a brave step into the unknown too… And all of whom felt the magic of embarking on this journey that combines healing backwards, creativity and intuition (my three favourite things in the whole world!) as well as connecting to their own AMAZING!

And now along side the course launch, I am already embarking on a new adventure, I am in Sequoia… and it is so so beautiful… my heart is so full in this epic landscape!

I am here until the 1st of October,

And then my next stop is NYC…

I first visited NYC in 2009 with a Lisa Ullmann scholarship to train in salsa with Angel Ortiz (RIP) and Rockafella in breaking, and I fell completely in love with the city.

Then the next year, someone I met in NYC (the wonderful Anara of Metamovement!) flew me back to perform salsa shows in NYC & Boston…

Then the following year I went again with Russell Maliphant performing at the Joyce Theatre (and was in heaven connecting with all my old friends and dancing salsa every night!)

I went back another four more times since that first trip in 2009, to perform my own work, to dance salsa, and train in Graham technique, and breaking (breakdance). I connected with friends each time… but guess what… this is the first time I am going JUST BECAUSE! This time, the post covid/Trump/who knows what else landscape may be very different, but I am following the whisper of my own (and others) intuitions that NYC is calling my name, and the whisper of my soul that says let’s just go because it will bring you JOY and connect you to your heart!

Normally, I am very much a person who loves to be in nature… but NYC… my soul is so lit up in that city and I am SO EXCITED to see how we connect this time!!!

If you are on this side of the world… let me know? Especially if you fancy dancing at Taj with me on Monday the 3rd October (it is my favourite salsa night in the whole world!!!!)

I love this adventure… I love this feeling of not knowing… and I LOVE this journey of truly embodying alchemy and practising JOY practises on such a big scale!

It feels so magic to gift myself this time just because… like a huge piece (or pieces) of the self care and self love puzzle is falling into place for me (of telling myself I am amazing and investing in my own adventure following intuition).

So in case you forgot… I want to remind you that you too are AMAZING!
And that sometimes JOY practise is about doing something just because!
That JOY practise connects us to our creativity and HEART!
Sending you all the loves, hugs and reminders of your brilliance and to do something unknown and exciting this week… be that say YES to something that makes you the kind of scared excited that you feel in your sacral space (sacred excited), or gifting yourself some self care, or going and dancing/screaming/singing/jumping on top of a mountain…
I am wishing you a beautiful adventure!
And I will see you next week on the eve of the Taj adventures having come from dancing in Sequoia national park!

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