Ella Mesma Company offer workshops in:

Yoga (Ashtanga/Vinyasa), Salsa (Cuban, On1, ON2), Breaking, Contemporary, Tango, Contemporary Latin, Contemporary Breaking, Capoeira, Afro-Latin, Samba

…and the company technique class uses a touch of all the above…

“My Company Class draws from my background in Contemporary, Afro Latin and Breaking, with a touch of Yoga flow too. I am interested in the body moving as languid and fluidly- inspired by the ‘Yanvalou’ from Haiti…which actually traces back to West Africa (Benin), with the circular continual flow of breaking and lots of delicious latin-house, latin-breaks and other latin music. My knowledge and training as a yoga teacher has also informed my dance practise, as has extensive training in Graham in New York and Cuba. I have united these styles to create a fun, energetic earthy and grounded class full of body undulations, floorwork, contractions and release.” Ella Mesma