Homage To:

Every bit of my nine lives training as a dancer/yogi has informed my journey here and I am for ever grateful! I would love to pay homage to my teachers whom I continue to study with and be inspired by! (Of course there have been many more that I cannot fit here! Thank you to you all!)

To the wealth of knowledge sharing and skills from company dancers Lianett Rodrigues, Anna Alvarez, Azara Meghie, Hsing Ya Wu, David Evans, Patrick Ziza, Franck Arnaud Lusbec, Myriam Gadri, Isaac Ouro Gnao, Elsabet Yonas

From my training as a yoga teacher with Dr Abi Hoffman and Sri Angad Kaur, my teachers of meditation and on the path of truth: William Whitecloud, Sri Mooji

To my training at the Graham School in New York and all my teachers at The Place, Laban, De Napoli Clarke and Merville Jones of M and Em dance Company

To Afro-Latin styles in Cuba at LA ENA and with my teacher and Mestre Miguel Gonzalez here in the UK, to Yersin Rivas, Luanda Pau and Lianett Rodrigues.

To my training in Afro Brazilian at Funceb (especially classes with Denilson Owulafemi)

To Capoeira with Ponciano and Mestre Ze Antonio of Mojuba

To the importance of ‘following the flow’ (Bboy Hawk) from cyphering (breaking) (Rokafella) and Coach Kev Renegade and Bgirl Sun Sun

To freestyling as a salsa dancer (my first true love!) and Angel Ortiz (RIP), Gil & Shelley (Pexava) plus DJ Lubi for my musical education

To dancing samba for many years and my first teacher Militsa Stojanovic

To my time with Russell Maliphant Company where we learnt about myo-fascial release as well as Butoh which I trained with Yael Karavan, animal flow/nature

To my aerial silks training with Claire Harvey and Vicki Amedume at Upswing

To training House and Waacking with Vicki Igbokwe and Uchenna